An Oxford based solar technology company hopes to start manufacturing the world’s most efficient solar panels by the end of the year and become the first company to sell them to the public within next year, the guardian website reported on August 15. By next summer, breakthrough solar panels may be installed on British roofs.

The world's most efficient solar panels may be born by the end of the year, or bring great changes

By coating the panels with a thin layer of crystalline material called perovskite, Oxford photovoltaic solar said it would increase the power generation of the next generation of solar panels by nearly one-third compared with traditional silicon-based solar panels.

This breakthrough will bring about the first great change in the field of solar power generation since the advent of solar technology in the 1950s. Coating conventional solar cells with a thin layer of perovskite can increase their power generation and reduce the overall cost of clean electricity, because the crystals can absorb different parts of the solar spectrum and perform better than conventional silicon.

Usually silicon solar cells can convert up to 22% of the available solar energy into electricity. But in June 2018, the “perovskite on silicon” solar panels produced by Oxford photovoltaic solar surpassed the best silicon only solar panels, setting a new record of converting 27.3% of available solar energy into electricity.

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