On December 24, according to the official news of Ningde times, recently, the world’s largest pure electric green commercial ship – “Three Gorges 1” pure electric cruise ship officially started construction.

The cruise ship is equipped with Ningde times power battery, with a total power of 7.5mwh, equivalent to the total battery capacity of more than 100 pure electric vehicles. It is the pure electric passenger ship with the largest battery capacity, the most seats and the highest intelligent level designed and built in the world.

The world's largest commercial ship "Three Gorges 1" has been put into operation

The “Three Gorges 1” project will use clean water and electricity to achieve zero pollution. According to the estimation, after using the “Three Gorges 1” pure electric cruise ship, the annual emission reduction of various pollutants will be realized: about 14 tons of carbon monoxide, about 17 tons of nitrogen oxides, and about 0.4 tons of inhalable particles.

According to the introduction, the battery power system protection of the cruise ship fully considers the fault selectivity, and is equipped with 15 independent battery power stations to charge and discharge the whole ship separately. The battery system is arranged in four battery compartments, and an additional backup battery power system is configured to guarantee the navigation power in an all-round way.

In addition, the electric cruise ship is also the first electric ship in the world to adopt the scheme of high-voltage charging and low-voltage power supplement, which solves the charging problem of high-power ports.

According to the plan, the “Three Gorges 1” pure electric cruise ship will be launched in July 2021 and put into operation in November 2021. It will mainly operate in the two dams and one gorge, Yichang Yangtze River night tour, Three Gorges ship lift and other tourism routes, with functions of meeting, reception, wedding banquet, performance and other activities.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Ningde era has provided power batteries for ships. In August this year, the “Dawan District No.1” oil electric hybrid cruise ship carrying Ningde battery was officially delivered.

The batteries of “Dawan District No.1” are located in the battery compartments on both sides of the bow bottom cabin. The left and right battery compartments each contain a set of battery systems. The CTP (celltopack) module free technology is adopted. There are 144 high-energy density battery packs on the whole ship, and the total power is 2520kwh, which is equivalent to the power of 200 hybrid vehicles.

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