At the 2018 touch Taiwan exhibition, AU Optronics will display the world’s largest 85 inch 8K 4K full plane borderless ALCD LCD TV panel, integrating leading technologies such as full plane borderless, new generation HDR ultra-high dynamic range, 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate and QD quantum dot wide color gamut, so as to set a new benchmark for the next generation of images with the ultimate color image quality and appearance design. At the same time, public information display solutions that can be applied to transportation will also be displayed to meet the high standards of quality and stability of important transportation hubs such as airports and stations with the characteristics of high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, low reflection, energy conservation and durability.

In order to cope with the advent of the era of ultra-high definition television and seize the business opportunity of broadcasting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with 8K resolution, Youda actively arranges relevant technologies, including 8k4k (7680 x 4320) ultra-high resolution, full plane frameless, HDR ultra-high dynamic range, ultra-high refresh rate, QD quantum dot wide color gamut, surface design and other innovative technologies, so as to lead the next generation image market with the advantage of technology stacking.

Youda 85 inch 8K 4K LCD TV panel has a number of leading advantages in the industry, including the exclusive use of Goa (gate on array) technology and the leading introduction of four sided full plane frameless design to maximize the viewing vision and create a super shocking visual experience like visiting the scene and seeing with your own eyes; The new generation of HDR ultra-high dynamic range technology, combined with local ultra-high brightness (1200 NITS) and ultra-low reflection, makes the black darker, brighter and brighter, presenting richer depth, bright colors and more delicate and realistic pictures; Equipped with 120Hz refresh rate, it can keep all pictures smooth, bright and clear, and accurately control fast-moving images and high-speed scenes; Quantum dot wide gamut technology is used to present a wider gamut, and the color saturation exceeds 110% of NTSC. It can show pictures with rich color details in any environment.

Youda will also display the public information display used in transportation in the exhibition. For the long-time broadcasting and outdoor and semi outdoor space of station hall, platform and carriage, it will launch public information display products such as long strip, outdoor, double-sided and very narrow frame splicing wall display to provide passengers with instant and clear waiting information and advertising messages.

Among them, the 37 Inch and 42 inch strip displays can support horizontal or vertical use. They are designed with a special extension ratio, and are easily integrated into the abnormal space above the carriage seat. They have passed the standard certification of electronic equipment installed on railway vehicles, and still ensure the quality and durability in various harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity and vibration. The outdoor commercial display includes 21.5 inches, 32 inches and 65 inches, all of which have the characteristics of high brightness, durability, high efficiency and stability. It is suitable for outdoor and semi household outdoor places, such as station platforms and outdoor waiting kiosks. The image is still bright and clear in the direct sunlight environment, and the system can automatically adjust the appropriate brightness to save energy and achieve the best viewing effect.

With its deep display technology foundation and product manufacturing capacity, Youda has successfully developed a number of leading public information display products in the industry, including outdoor, retail, transportation and other applications. It provides complete solutions such as panel, complete system, playback software and after-sales service to meet the needs of applications in different fields.


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