Football not only brings people countless passion and joy, but also brings designers countless design inspiration. Recently, foreign researchers launched the world’s first levitator Mbox. In addition to the projection function, the projector is also a Bluetooth speaker. The suspended football on the projector is also a hidden projector remote control, which can be easily controlled by touch.

It is reported that levixtor Mbox is a real HD device, which can reach the projection resolution of 1920 * 1080, and its pixels are 2.25 times that of the current mainstream 720p projection products. Levitator Mbox can display clear image details from point to point without losing a single pixel. It also has auto focus function to make the image clearer. In terms of sound, the levixtor Mbox can be used as a Bluetooth sound. The Mbox has multiple speaker units and is matched with the corresponding frequency of 75hz-20khz. It is very good in bass, midrange and treble.

Secondly, it also has an open Mui system, which enables the intelligent projector to display the normal web pages consistent with those displayed by the personal computer, and has strong application expansibility.

In addition, the LED light source of levittor Mbox has softer light and longer service life. It is said that it can reach 5 years without spending a lot of money for changing bulbs.

Of course, in terms of control, Mbox also supports a variety of ways of human-computer interaction. It can be operated by remote control, wireless mouse, Bluetooth and other devices. Voice and laser pen are not a problem, and the level of intelligence is very high.

In fact, the so-called charm of smart home is to constantly realize the habit of meeting the current people and catering to the current or future consumer’s appetite, and the smart projector levittor Mbox is another family necessity for mobile phones and computers that can not achieve large screen effect.

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