Socionext Inc. ("Socionext"), a leader in SoC design and application technology, announced that samples of the HD-PLC communication chip "SC1320A" based on the IEEE1901-2020 standard will start shipping in June and are scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2022 mass production. The chip is the world's first semiconductor design IP core chip authorized by Panasonic that conforms to the IEEE1901-2020 standard

HD-PLCIEEE1901-2020 standard

HD-PLC (High Definition Power Line Communication) is a wired communication technology that superimposes high-frequency signals (2~28MHz) on power lines, telephone lines, twisted pairs, coaxial cables and other wires. In 2021, the fourth-generation HD-PLC technology released 1/2 and 1/4 transmission modes in the IEEE1901-2020 standard that can realize longer-distance communication, and the maximum communication distance can reach 10 kilometers when using multi-hop technology. The new technology is expected to be widely used in large-scale networks of social infrastructure such as smart cities.

SC1320A Features and Specifications

SC1320A is the world's first communication chip using the fourth-generation HD-PLC technology, and integrates the semiconductor design IP core authorized by Panasonic that conforms to the IEEE1901-2020 standard. With its technical advantages in signal processing, analog front end and circuit design, and the characteristics of HD-PLC, Socionext has achieved 200mW ultra-low power consumption on SC1320A, 3.3V power supply, and a compact 7mm x 7 mm package. In addition, the SC1320A chip also has built-in SPI/UART and EthernetMAC (RMII) interfaces, which can be widely used in home energy management systems, Internet of Things and other products.

Figure: SC1320A Specifications

Application scenarios
SC1320A can be widely used in social infrastructure and daily life

Figure: Social infrastructure such as building air conditioning, lighting control, BEMS, etc.

Figure: Daily life, such as home energy management system, smart home control, security, etc.

future development

Socionext provides a millimeter-wave radar that can detect human position and motion, and a low-power, low-cost IoT tag chip SC1330A compatible with LPWAN2.0. Combining the SC1320A chip with the above two products can provide a variety of solutions for things Networked and intelligently connected systems and devices bring more value. For example, by using the combination scheme of SC1320A and SC1330A, high-precision presence detection can be realized in mixed communication networks.

In the future, Socionext will also use the SC1320A small and low-power HD-PLC communication chip as the core to promote the fourth-generation HD-PLC technology to more application scenarios, create new value, and contribute to a sustainable society.

About Socionext Inc.

Socionext Inc. is a world-leading SoC (System-on-Chip) supplier. With the technical experience accumulated over the years, Socionext has created a unique "Solution SoC" business model, providing innovative ideas in advanced technology fields such as automotive electronics, data centers, network communications, and smart devices. As a trusted partner, Socionext can provide customers with more excellent specifications, performance and quality, and enhance the core competitiveness of products through differentiation.

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