As we all know, with the increasingly fierce competition of domestic 5g mobile phones, the actions of Huawei and Xiaomi’s two domestic mobile phones have become more and more frequent recently. At present, glory has officially confirmed that the thousand yuan 5g mobile phone “glory X10” will be released on May 20. At the same time, Hongmi has also exposed the brand-new thousand yuan 5g mobile phone “redmi k30i”; Recently, Hongmi also announced once again that it will launch a customized mobile phone “redmi k305g speed version” together with Jingdong communication, which will be released online at 2 p.m. on May 11;

What are the highlights of this redmi K30 5g speed edition?

According to the current official information, redmi k305g high-speed version will launch the first Qualcomm snapdragon 768g processor in the world. According to the relevant naming, this chip is undoubtedly the overclocking version of snapdragon 765 previously exposed; According to the relevant information, this 768g processor will adopt Samsung 7Nm EUV process, and still integrate 5g baseband chip. In the CPU part, it will adopt “1 + 1 + 6” eight core design, including a 2.5GHz A76 super core, a 2.4GHz A76 core and six 1.8GHz A55 small cores. In the GPU, it will continue to use Adreno 620, but the frequency is as high as 750MHz, Judging from the overall CPU and GPU configuration, it is indeed the overclocking version of Qualcomm snapdragon 765G, for which many netizens have expressed disappointment: “this time, Qualcomm has squeezed toothpaste again.”

The world's first 768g processor or another squeeze of toothpaste?

According to the running points of the engineering aircraft equipped with snapdragon 768g, the running points of an Tu Tu are as high as 360000, which is about 10% higher than that of the model equipped with snapdragon 765G. However, compared with the model equipped with Huawei Qilin 820, the running points of an Tu Tu are as high as 380000, which still has a certain gap, However, some netizens directly joked: “in the future, antutou can directly make the model of Qualcomm snapdragon 768g run as well as or even surpass the model of Huawei Qilin 820 through software optimization.”

The world's first 768g processor or another squeeze of toothpaste?

As a matter of fact, for Qualcomm, facing the three attacks of Huawei’s 5g chip, it is also facing a lot of pressure. After all, the price of its flagship snapdragon 865 mobile phone has further dropped to 2689 yuan. Therefore, for Qualcomm, the current snapdragon 765G processor is obviously unable to compete with Kirin 820 and Tianji 1000L; Therefore, Qualcomm has to squeeze out a mid-range 5g chip with better performance than snapdragon 765G, but not much better, to further occupy more mid-range Android mobile phone market.

The world's first 768g processor or another squeeze of toothpaste?

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