On September 7, under the guidance of the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, in order to cooperate and support the 5G mmWave test plan of the Promotion Group, Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE successfully achieved the world’s fastest transmission rate of 5G mmWave independence. The network interoperability test connection, and achieved amazing results in two scenarios: the test achieved a downlink peak download rate close to 7Gbps, and an uplink peak rate of 2.1Gbps. 5G mmWave standalone networking supports the deployment of 5G mmWave networks and terminals without using LTE or Sub-6GHz spectrum anchors, giving operators more flexibility to provide multi-gigabit speeds, ultra-high-speed Low-latency wireless fiber-optic broadband access. Using the millimeter-wave independent networking deployment mode without anchor points, it can also support the deployment of green fixed wireless access networks in all usage scenarios.

Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE used the DDDSU frame structure to achieve a peak downlink rate of close to 7Gbps in the 5G millimeter-wave independent networking based on the 26GHz (n258) frequency band. Both parties use the DSUUU frame structure to achieve 2.1Gbps uplink. In this test, Qualcomm Technologies connected a mobile test platform equipped with the Snapdragon X70 5G modem and RF system to ZTE’s infrastructure at ZTE’s Shanghai lab, and realized this important feature based on 4x200MHz downlink bandwidth and 2x200MHz uplink bandwidth. milestone.
Dejia Ma, senior vice president and general manager of the cellular modem and infrastructure business at Qualcomm Technologies, said: “We are honored to work with ZTE to achieve this milestone, which is an important step in advancing the evolution and future commercialization of 5G mmWave standalone networks. This test demonstrates the faster peak speeds, more available connections, lower latency and higher throughput of wireless fiber, underscoring its potential to enhance the consumer experience and drive digital transformation.”

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