5G CPE router (5G CPE Router) is a device that connects various local area networks and wide area networks in the Internet. 5G (5G NR Router) is also known as 5G gateway device (5G Gateway). It is used to connect multiple logically separated networks. A so-called logical network represents a single network or sub-network. The wireless router routing function can be done when data is transferred from one subnet to another. Therefore, 5G Doka has the functions of judging network addresses and selecting IP paths, and can establish flexible connections in a multi-network Internet environment. Various sub-networks can be connected through completely different data groups and media access methods. 5G Doka only receives source Information about stations or other wireless routers, which are interconnected devices at the network layer.

In the Internet era, the network is ubiquitous, and 5G routers have been familiar and used as the connecting device of the network. Different grades of 5G products have become the main force for realizing network internal connection, backbone network connection and backbone network connection. But the 5G multi-card that many people come into contact with is just an ordinary home or business router. There is also a special 5G multi-card G multi-network card aggregated 5G multi-card for 5G industry users.

1. The working principle of 5G multi-network card aggregation wireless router:

5G aggregation principle frame diagram

5G multi-network card aggregation 5G multi-card can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple Internet links. In addition to improving the upper and lower network bandwidth in the mobile environment, it can also insert SIM cards of different operators at the same time, reducing mobile network signal dead zones and improving network availability. The download speed can easily reach more than 800 megabytes, and the upload speed exceeds 500 megabytes, with high stability, low latency, and no packet loss, meeting the high requirements of various special scenarios, such as video transmission, real-time control signals, remote hospitals, etc.

Second, the multi-path aggregation algorithm:

IP packets are transmitted over multiple network channels and then re-aggregated at the receiving end. It contains and improves RTT algorithm, RTT control and advanced FEC algorithm. If it is a video encoder, it can also dynamically manage the preset delay transmission code rate through the SmartVBR (dynamic encoding) system to ensure that all transmission connections can be fully utilized, and finally obtain a reliable and stable high-quality network connection with secondary delay. Compared with other algorithms, RTT+ algorithm is fast and stable, which can effectively improve transmission efficiency, reduce network delay, and reorganize large bandwidth.

3. Data packet sequence recovery:

The multiplex aggregation algorithm reuse will unpack and decompose IP data at the kernel level and transmit it through different wired, wireless wifi, 4G/5G, etc. The aggregation server will accurately restore the order after receiving it, ensuring that the customer's data still arrives at the application service in the original packet.

4. Multi-network multi-link priority setting:

For core network multiplexing, in addition to automatically detecting the signal quality of each link and adjusting the packet retransmission efficiency of data packets, it can also automatically select a signal with a better signal to ensure the stability of the data connection.

As an example of 5G multi-network card aggregation 5G multi-card of CloudLink Technology, CloudLink successfully developed multi-card multi-chain aggregation network technology in 2015, created a 4G/5G multi-network multi-card multi-link transmission architecture, and filled the domestic weak network aggregation An important part of the blank industry chain of graph transmission technology is also the main core technology application of basic communication. It is also one of the few manufacturers in China that can customize hardware and software aggregation transmission boards for customers. The use of multi-network multi-path bandwidth superposition technology can greatly improve the reliability and stability of existing data transmission.

5G multi-card aggregation router X5

Multi-NIC aggregation routing is mainly used for on-site data collection/video collection network, on-site emergency command/rescue network, live broadcast/service network, on-site office/government network, etc., to meet the real-time high-bandwidth and high-stability network requirements on site!

x5 aggregation router

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