In recent years, the information trend of the global economy has led to the explosive growth of data, image, biometrics and multimedia services. Intelligence will be the basic feature and inevitable trend of the development in the new century. With the rapid development of public safety industry technology, the requirements for the quality of safety inspection in public places are also increasing. With the development of society, the business growth of shopping malls, shopping malls, hospitals, tourist attractions and other public places with more concentrated personnel has been greatly improved. With the rapid development of enterprise benefits, the potential safety hazards are becoming increasingly serious. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the safety prevention work of shopping malls and take advanced measures to protect the safety of shopping malls. Stores are distributed in different cities, most of which are located in the urban-rural fringe or densely populated communities. Many of the goods in stores are digital products with high value, small volume and easy to carry. Due to the lack of security personnel and the inevitable shortage of civil air defense, it is easy to provide opportunities for criminals, so the problem of anti-theft / fire prevention is more and more urgent The importance of warehouse management. Many goods belong to electrical appliances, which are not easy to collide, and have high flammability. The goods in and out of the store are frequent, so the storage situation of the goods in the store also needs to be known at any time. In order to prevent theft and minimize the loss, we must have an intelligent, efficient and reliable security system to maintain and manage the property safety of the store and ensure the safety of the goods in the store. At present, the inspection methods of stores are generally backward. Many systems still use traditional recording methods such as early personnel check-in or leader spot check. With the development of the times, its disadvantages are more and more obvious. This kind of inspection method has poor reliability, low efficiency, lack of authenticity, and it is not easy for managers to accurately grasp the work status of inspectors. The goal of our inspection system is: to be able to timely and accurately in place, and to provide historical records with higher reliability, efficiency and authenticity than check-in and spot check.

1: Working principle of electronic inspection:

The inspector can record the name, time, place and equipment of the inspector by holding the inspector. The carrier of the record is erasable memory. The stored data is not affected by the external temperature and humidity, and has many advantages, such as long storage period, not easy to change. The wireless information button (iButton), which provides address information, is produced by Dallas electronic group of the United States. It can be used for 20 years between minus 50 degrees and above zero 80 degrees. The information recording carrier of iButton is read-only memory (ROM). The reliability and authenticity of the data in the ROM are reflected because there is no change. Because of its small size and portability, it is simple and safe to use and transmit historical data. The historical data are processed and analyzed by computer. The plan function can be set in the software of the electronic patrol inspection of landeware, which can make the historical data compare with the plan data, and can automatically generate the patrol inspection report of the patrol inspection personnel, so that the manager can clearly understand the work status of the patrol inspection personnel at a glance. With its high reliability, high efficiency, high authenticity of data and high cost performance, landchina electronic inspection management system has become a leader in the inspection industry.

Schematic diagram of inspection and management system of stores:

The working principle and application scheme of inspection management system in stores

2: User needs analysis:

With the rapid pace of urban life, professional stores with complete functions and complete supply of goods gradually replace the traditional department stores, enter the life of urban people, and become an important place for urban people to consume. In order to win in the fierce competition, we can not only rely on the simple price war, which will only make businesses lose both sides; only by creating a brand, establishing a good image, and creating a comfortable, relaxed, safe and clean shopping environment for customers, can we achieve good results. At the same time, in the daily management, we need to avoid the goods being led by bad people, to avoid the deliberate destruction of others, to avoid accidents due to too many people; we also need to ensure the safety of the goods in the store, and to manage the staff. Therefore, the store management must be equipped with a complete set of patrol system to solve the problems of safety and control management in operation.

1. Daily patrol: the biggest feature of the store is that the goods are placed on different floors and the space occupied is also different. For the store management, the most concern is that if we manage the goods well, we should avoid the behavior of casual personnel; in order to respect human rights, the store management can only take preventive measures. The daily off hours and weekends are often the time when there is a large flow of people, and when there are holidays, people are like fish. According to the internal situation, the storefront must make appropriate safety arrangements, dredge the flow of people and goods, or send more staff to shorten the business hours, so as to avoid accidents. Patrol some fire prevention and collision prevention area signs for many times. Now using patrol system, through patrol points installed in the reservoir area, side doors, staircases and other places, it is convenient to check the work of security or management personnel, without any dispute with relevant personnel. When returning data, the system can return all the work required by the company to the Security Department of the headquarters or the administrative department directly under it

2. Night patrol: there are many staff members who are not willing to patrol for half an hour or once an hour according to the regulations. They are mostly muddling along, but our stores are mainly electrical appliances. There are few people at night, and the responsibility of fire prevention and anti-theft is heavy. We must not be careless. Using the patrol system, through the patrol points installed in various places that need to patrol, we can check out the actual work situation of the patrol personnel and see whether the staff patrol according to the specified procedures. In this way, we can well handle the attendance disputes with the personnel department, assess and evaluate the status of the staff, observe the duty situation of the staff within the specified scope, and the work of the staff Attitude. The patrol point of the system can also save the working status route of employees as the basis of assessment. According to the storefront safety management level, ensure the company to establish a good image in strict management.

3. Security guard of non monitoring stores: for small stores, patrol system is the only non 24-hour guard when the monitoring is not in place. There is always a time when the store is off work. At this time, the safety of the store needs the security personnel to patrol to ensure. It can ensure enough patrol density; use patrol system to make managers know the situation in the store and take corresponding measures in time. The system realizes remote monitoring, which can effectively strengthen the work intensity of security personnel and improve the efficiency of security.

3: System design principle:

As a unit with higher overall safety protection level, from a technical point of view, the patrol system equipment and products used in the store area should at least meet the following characteristics:

1. The equipment and system itself should have the performance of anti high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, smoke, mold, rain, water, anti (cosmic) ray radiation, anti electromagnetic interference (electromagnetic compatibility), anti impact, collision, drop, etc. to ensure the safety of the equipment and system itself;

2. It has the performance of fire prevention, lightning protection, explosion protection, electric shock prevention and power saving, so as to ensure the operation safety of equipment and system and the safety of operators;

3. The product or system should also have the function of preventing man-made damage, such as: the protective shell with anti damage, the software with anti disassembly structure and anti Insider Crime, etc;

4. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of the system can meet the needs of operation;

5. Only by making full use of it can we put an end to potential safety hazards and prevent them. What we are talking about here is that the products and technologies that are required to be used have passed the test of the market and can meet the needs of the current patrol system without being flashy. We will never make blind investment or waste funds. The products and systems used in the system design must be mature products that have passed the market test for a certain period of time, especially the successful application cases at home and abroad. Because the store involves many stores in many provinces, and each region has different environment and characteristics. Therefore, the whole project needs to fully communicate with the management personnel in terms of demand, and strive to make the patrol system to achieve the best cost performance. When designing the system, we should reasonably configure the functions that need to be realized, and this configuration should be able to be changed. Even after the completion of the project, the change of functions and configuration is possible and convenient. The front-end products and system software of the system have good learning and operability. In particular, the operability should enable the management personnel with general education level to master the operation essentials of the system through training even if they are not proficient in computer operation, so as to achieve the operation level of completing the duty task.

In a word, although the intelligent inspection system can not bring direct economic benefits to the company, it greatly improves the standardization and scientific level of all kinds of inspection work, eliminates the phenomenon that the inspection personnel cannot scientifically and accurately assess and monitor, and effectively ensures the orderly workflow of your enterprise. This will undoubtedly bring indirect economic benefits to your enterprise. “Intelligent electronic Patrol” has changed people’s consistent understanding of attendance, and expanded the scope of attendance only for commuting to include the scope of attendance requiring specific time, place and personnel. By setting the system in advance, it can meet the special attendance of various occasions, record the time and status information of the staff arriving at the inspection point conveniently, and make the inspection plan and scheduling management through the analysis of computer inspection situation, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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