With the application of face recognition more and more widely, the frequency of its appearance in real life is also higher and higher, which really makes our life more convenient and improves the efficiency of social operation. As the basic hardware of many industries, the comprehensive upgrading of face recognition technology can help other industries upgrade intelligently.

1、 At present, face recognition technology is the most widely used in the field of security, and the station and airport are also the most common application scenarios. In order to facilitate the travel of citizens, many places in China have begun to implement the “face brushing” approach. When preparing to enter the station, the ID card should be prepared in advance without taking tickets. When passing through the gate of face recognition, the identification is verified according to the on-site prompt, which greatly facilitates the travel process and improves the operation efficiency of the station.

In the field of face recognition gate, many embedded products and motherboards developed by Dongfang Songbai can help.

The wide application of face recognition camera in security field

Shourui industrial control’s embedded products can effectively help the efficient operation of face recognition equipment. In the face of high traffic and high information processing capacity in the traffic field, as well as the efficient and high-quality application environment required by the operation of face recognition technology, the products can play a real-time role.

2、 The security requirements of financial service “small assistant” financial institutions make face recognition have a broad application prospect in this field. With the increasing intelligence of financial institutions, face recognition begins to replace the traditional identification methods such as ID card and card, and becomes a more secure and efficient initial identity reading scheme. In the journey, self-service cash machines and self-service vending machines which use face brush payment are more and more widely used, in which intelligent embedded hardware is indispensable as the basic products to help such processes.

3、 At present, many tourist attractions have been equipped with “face recognition” system to cope with the increase of tourist flow during the holidays and facilitate the travel of tourists.

In addition to these fields, along with the wide application of face recognition camera in the field of security, it also appears frequently in real life, and the wave of national security makes its application scope more and more extensive. As an advanced scheme of identity recognition, it has a broad application prospect in intelligent buildings, residential areas, self-service fields, and various face recognition payment terminal scenarios.

In the process of boosting the development of face recognition technology with embedded hardware, Shourui industrial control focuses on the following points to comprehensively create intelligent face recognition product solutions for various application fields:

1. The intelligent application scenario of face recognition means that the hardware products are required to have strong data processing and operation capabilities. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the data processing ability of embedded hardware products. It is necessary to gradually realize the data centric transformation from chipsets, processors and other technical aspects.

2. Hardware products should have higher compatibility and flexibility, and be able to provide flexible ways to exchange information with the outside world according to the actual application scenarios, especially in the field of network interface and network interconnection.

3. The “industrial level performance advantage” of embedded hardware products will be brought into full play, so that it can continue to work efficiently in multiple application environment and give full play to its advantages.

4. Pay attention to the new development of intelligence and the change of new technology, and timely integrate with their own products, so that the latest performance can continue to extend in the embedded hardware product solutions.

The huge future market of face recognition needs more in-depth cultivation of embedded hardware suppliers to provide better products for the market, and strive to promote the combination of traditional industry and intelligent technology, and take face recognition technology as the breakthrough point to promote the intelligent transformation of traditional fields.

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