5g promotes the industrial Internet into a new era, and the wide application of 5g network in to B market will also promote social changes. Recently, the freezing of R16 standard brings good news to 5g to B market, and the new 5g digital format will be formally constructed. For operators, 5g tob market will become a new value blue ocean, and the huge industrial value needs to be released. In the early morning of August 31, China Unicom’s 5gc southern region completed the first handover of carrying tob commercial business, taking the lead in carrying 5g commercial business on a regional scale in China, marking the formal start of scale commercial operation of China Unicom’s 5g tob network.

It is reported that this cutover is the first time to adopt the mode organized by the regional center and implemented by the access provinces, and some IOT services in the five provinces of the southern region will be transferred to 5gc network element, which sets a model for the intensive operation of 5gc region and realizes three “firsts”: the first time to realize 5g in China Tob network scale commercial; the first time to temper the regional center and access province collaborative intensive operation mode; the first time to complete 5gc regional level of multi provincial business online.

The wide application of 5g network in to B market will promote social change

In the view of the reporter, the 5g tob network of China Unicom has officially launched large-scale commercial operation, and its exemplary role is particularly significant. The success of the intensive operation mode of cooperation between regional center and access province is expected to be further promoted in the future, which will contribute to the cost reduction and gain gain, so as to help China Unicom further expand its business boundary in the 5g era.

In fact, 5g is a connecting link between the past and the future. It is only a general technology. 5g needs to be integrated with a series of other technologies to better promote the digital transformation of the whole society, which is also a broad consensus in the industry. Some industry experts said in an interview that the arrival of 5g has brought great challenges to operators. In order to deal with these challenges, there must be a series of changes. First of all, you need to adjust the mode. From the core network level, bearer network level, wireless network level should be adjusted. Secondly, in the 5g stage, it is not enough to rely on operators or equipment providers alone. Better cooperation will be an important prerequisite for the construction of 5g.

In this case, China Unicom’s architecture core network “one cloud” is conducive to the establishment of 5g differentiation advantages. The construction of a new, fast and good 5g “one cloud” can realize a little account opening and nationwide availability; one point opening and network wide accessibility; one innovation and network wide replication; intensive maintenance and agile iteration.

It is reported that China Unicom will work with its partners to accelerate the commercial process of 5gc tob, and continuously promote the ability opening and value realization of China Unicom 5g tob cloud.

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