Ask people who have started Android devices. One of the public praise you will hear must be the personalized design of thousands of people. From wallpaper to decoration, from ROM capacity to desktop UI, Android can be customized. Android wear has also won the same reputation.

The most cool and conspicuous point about the wearable platform is that its appearance can be changed. What we’re talking about here is not changing a wristband, but there are a variety of square or round dials with changeable colors.

Although the current unpacking experience temporarily satisfies consumers, consumers’ desire is endless. Fortunately, there are a lot of customized dials on the market, competing for excellence. Whether your dial is round or square, you can find tons of options.

Next, we will detail each step of disassembling and installing the new dial.

The whole process of disassembling and installing the new androidwear dial

Step 1: install face

The first step is to install Android App facer, which has many different customized dials. Face needs to pay 1 yuan, but there is no need to pay other fees since then.

After installation, when selecting the smart watch dial, a series of pre installed dial options and face options will appear. At this time, we select face. As a reminder, you need to press and hold the main interface of the dial to pull out all the options.

Step 2: look for the dial

The second and most important step is to get the next cool and fashionable dial. Many providers have sprung up, and my favorite is facerepo. Their family takes care of both square and round dials, and all customers are happy.

Want the simplest and most original watch design? That’s all right. Moto 360 users can turn the watch into a digital version of Heuer Watch, or change their mood and change it into a retro Casio. No matter how it changes, the style of the dial is endless, and every Android wear user is satisfied.

It’s not easy to open a long dial list and find the best one among the popular downloads. Once familiar with face, people will be keen to refresh the list of the latest dial design, and people who like to find things according to the score and popularity can also search for the desired dial from different categories,

Step 3: download a new dial

Once you choose your favorite dial, just click the “download” button to download it easily. At that time, a window will pop up asking whether to download through browser or through face. In a single download, the user can choose one of the two to complete the download, or click one to stop receiving the same reminder. We need to select face and then never remind. Of course, the reminder option can also be changed back.

After you select it, facer will automatically start the download function and combine the functions into the app. If you click the app, you can see other dials downloaded.

Step 4: install the dial

Now with the new dial table top, only the dial table top is embedded in the watch dial. This is also an extremely simple process. Open the face app. There is an arrow button pointing to a table from left to right. Click it to select the dial. This can tell your watch what kind of dial you want.

Note that the dial must be selected on the watch. Even if you forget, the app will send a friendly reminder. After a few seconds, the watch and mobile phone will be synchronized, which is completed. If the trial feels good, you can go back to face again and make further adjustments to the dial. Then OCD patients will start picking colors, resizing and changing fonts.

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