Recently, China Mobile, China Southern Power Grid and Huawei jointly released the white paper on 5g boosting smart grid application.

Among them, the white paper points out that the smart grid has the characteristics of high informatization, automation and interaction. It applies digital information technology and automatic control technology to realize the two-way exchange of information in all links from power generation to power consumption, and systematically optimize the production, transmission and use of power. 5g can further improve the business flexibility and controllability of smart grid, and further improve the security and controllability of smart grid services in the future.

In addition, the white paper focuses on the current situation and future communication requirements of five types of typical 5g smart grid application scenarios, including intelligent distributed distribution automation, demand side response of power load, distributed energy regulation, advanced metering and smart grid large video application. Combined with the research and analysis of key technologies of 5g network slicing, it provides end-to-end, management, cloud Smart grid end-to-end network slicing solutions in four areas of security.

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