The future of science fiction has always told us that there is a device called “energy block”, which can store a lot of energy and can be continuously used by people. This device can automatically absorb the swimming energy in the air. It does not consume energy. It has high physical security and will not explode. Even if it is damaged, it will only become a small “energy block”. It is very efficient and safe.

Battery is our most commonly used energy storage or conversion device. Of course, under the current scientific and technological conditions, such an “idea” is far from being realized.

The weakness of the fourth science and technology development is energy storage technology

Under the current scientific and technological conditions, we can create synthetic food. 3D printing technology can let us print everything through the printer (which is also a fully realized technology). The realization of 5g, Internet (Internet of things), unmanned machine and AI technology can let us understand and complete the world’s affairs without leaving home.

All of these technologies and scientific and technological development are inseparable from the use of energy, which is completed by the use of energy. How to use and store energy more efficiently and cheaply is not only the necessary choice of social development, but also the core competitiveness of company development, and the optimal choice of our personal life.

It can be said that all the current development of science and technology is based on how to use energy more optimally. So how to use energy more efficiently, how to improve the conversion rate of energy more scientifically, and how to find more reliable and sustainable energy supply are the key points of technological development from quantitative change to qualitative change. It is related to the fate of human development.


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