Seven months ago, sumalab, the developer of crisis vrigade, claimed that its game was rejected by some Facebook policies, so it was not officially released on oculus quest. Today, the software platform sidequest revealed that the game has been downloaded 50000 times through the head display.

The VR game crisis vrigade is now the most downloaded application of sidequest

Sidequest software allows users to download and install content that is not in the official Facebook store. Crisis vrigade has been downloaded 50000 times, which is the highest downloaded application of sidequest. Sidequest confirmed to the external media that this statistical information only counts the applications downloaded through its platform, and does not include the programs installed through sidequest but downloaded elsewhere. Sidequest also pointed out that Pavlov shack released this month may soon catch up with crisis vrigade.

Crisis vrigade is a VR shooting game in which players can play members of the elite special police task force. Players can fight criminals across multiple missions. In the early access version on steam and the full version of PSVR, developers will continue to add more content, and sumalab is also making a sequel. At present, the sidequest version of the game is in beta, and players can download it for free.

One month after the release of quest, sumalab posted on reddit claiming that Facebook decided not to release the game on the quest store. At that time, the developer said Facebook did not give any reason for rejection. Facebook outlined the store curation policy of quest before its release in May 2019, which is more stringent than its oculus rift and go head display. For example, there is no room for early access games because Facebook wants to see evidence that game content performs well on the platform. Despite criticism from both developers and VR enthusiasts, approved developers usually get strong sales.


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