A few days ago, a customer told me that her computer would automatically shut down and restart after one or two hours of use, and there was an abnormal noise in the main cabinet. First of all, the author judged that the abnormal noise was caused by the failure of the CPU fan or the power supply fan. In addition, it might be caused by the failure of the CPU fan, which caused the automatic shutdown and restart in time. It is suggested that the customer take a picture of me by removing the screws on the side panel of the main cabinet, Because the customer is a girl, belongs to the computer white level, do not know how to dismantle the machine, so endure the abnormal noise forced to use.

Yesterday, the customer contacted me again and told me that the computer couldn’t be turned on (many customers can’t tell the difference between turning on the BIOS and entering the system). After taking it to the electronic city for inspection, the maintenance personnel told her that it was the mainboard fault and that it needed to be replaced. However, due to the long service life of the computer, there is no replaceable motherboard, so a new host needs to be configured, and the cost is about 3000 yuan.

Because the client computer has important files and some software used to bind the motherboard, he consulted me again and attached a photo of the so-called test.

The USB socket of the computer is damaged, or it will cause the computer to be unable to enter the system

From the initial point of view of self-test, it is a USB problem, but we still need to check it to find out what caused it. Let the customer take it and test it. Today, the customer sent the host early. It turned out that the USB interface on the front panel was damaged, which was caused by human violence.

The USB socket of the computer is damaged, or it will cause the computer to be unable to enter the system

There are two solutions: first, purchase a USB integrated interface of the same specification or re weld a USB interface separately. Second, use the left interface and the right interface to close, and then buy a USB docking station. In addition, after opening the chassis, it is found that due to the non-standard installation of the SATA power cord, one of the wires is not bound, resulting in the abnormal sound caused by touching the CPU fan.

Finally, the second plan was decided. First, use tweezers to correct the USB pin to avoid short circuit, directly use the hot-melt glue gun to seal the interface, and then fix the SATA power cord with a tie, and fix it in 5 minutes. Everything is normal when the system is turned on, and the maintenance cost can be ignored. I would like to remind you that when using the USB interface and the PS2 interface of the keyboard and mouse, you need to aim and insert it again. Do not use it violently. When you encounter problems, you can consult others first. Don’t send them to the repair shop blindly for inspection and maintenance.

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