This year, the US version of the iPhone 12 has become the most unique version in the world. In addition to the full series of dual cards (physical + ESIM), it also supports high-frequency millimeter wave 5g band.

In terms of appearance, the US version of the iPhone 12 has left a “patch” on the side of the body for signal overflow.

Francesca sweet, Apple’s iPhone product marketing manager, talked about this point when he talked with ijustine, the owner of up.

The US version of iPhone 12 supports millimeter wave 5g band, which is 25 times of 4G LTE

She said that based on the 5g band of mmwave, the iPhone’s network speed can reach up to 25 times that of 4glte. If it is based on sub6ghz, it can be up to twice as high as 4glte.

Sweet believes that the iPhone 12 is the first to support recording Dolby 4khdr video, which makes it easy for files to exceed 1GB. Obviously, the super-high speed of 5g is helpful for users to transfer these files on the network.

It should be noted that the current commercial 5g networks of China’s four major operators are all sub6ghz, and the planned high frequency band of Unicom is not included in the US version of iPhone 12. Moreover, the theoretical peak speed is usually hard to reach in daily life. From this point of view, there is no regret in choosing the national bank.

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