Man once landed on the moon half a century ago. In recent years, many countries have announced their own plans to land on the moon, including the United States. Recently, NASA also announced that it will build a 4G network on the moon. The project is in cooperation with Nokia of Finland and is expected to be deployed in the second half of 2022. The related equipment will also be provided by Nokia.

The 4G network project on the moon is part of the new U.S. lunar landing program “Artemis”. The name of the project comes from the Greek goddess of the moon. The goal is to send the first female astronaut and one male astronaut to the moon in 2024, and establish a sustainable foothold on the moon in 2028, so that it will eventually become a human landing site The “transit station” on Mars.

NASA and Nokia’s lunar 4G program can provide astronauts on the moon with more distance, faster speed and higher reliability. This system can support communication between lunar lander, lunar rover, habitat and astronauts, so as to facilitate data transmission, remote control of lunar rover, real-time navigation, voice or video call, etc.

In order to build a 4G network on the moon, NASA will provide 14.1 million US dollars for this project, take the lead in using 4G network, and plan to transition to 5g network in the future.

Earlier, NASA formulated the Artemis lunar landing program, which aims to achieve long-term human habitation on the moon and prepare for Mars exploration. To this end, NASA has allocated $370 million to 14 companies to support the project.

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