After trump took office, the Pentagon launched at least 155 air and drone strikes in Somalia, which is five times the number of similar strikes launched by former President Barack Obama in his last term. The United States has a similar number of strikes in other regions, just to avoid “causing trouble”, and the United States will no longer publish data on attacks.

The United States abused drones for military strikes

Why are you addicted to UAV war? The author, Michael Horton, a US foreign policy analyst, analyzed that because this is a tactic lacking strategy, it will not be personally dangerous for soldiers and contractors operating UAVs in air-conditioned rooms thousands of miles away from the targeted targets. The war carried out by this remote control is a killing made by computer algorithms.

Horton said that this is a core tactic supported by politicians of both parties in the United States, and now the United States is actively using this tactic to fight around the world. However, there is a fatal disadvantage of UAV operation, that is, in most cases, UAVs cannot carry out accurate strikes. The higher the frequency of use, the more civilian casualties. Therefore, American news media rarely report the ongoing UAV war in the United States, and American command decision-makers and politicians are not responsible for the terrible number of war deaths.

The United States abused drones for military strikes

In fact, the media without relevant information will not speak for the people killed by drones in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries, and no one will persistently ask the government what the meaning of those killed in the war is. The government can also refer to those killed as militants, whether they are militants or not. Launching UAV war has no cost except financial burden, which has long become a reliable means for the United States to combat identified militants and terrorists around the world.

Instead, drones create more terrorists

However, Horton stressed that relying on Drones will only create more terrorists and militants. The center for strategic and international studies conservatively estimates that the number of terrorists supporting the militant “Salafi” organization has increased by at least nearly 400% from 2001 to 2018. Many local government officials, community leaders and tribal elders are complaining that the poorly planned anti-terrorism war and the abuse of drones in the United States are the fundamental reasons for the popularity of the “Salafi” organization.

The reason is very simple. UAVs from the United States roam the sky day and night to monitor people’s every move, and kill whenever they want. Local boys and young men who think they are men are very angry about it and want to do something to retaliate. Therefore, militant organizations tempt them and help them deal with the “damn” as long as they join UAV. Now, whether Yemen, Somalia or other countries where the United States is fighting against terrorism, there are many more insurgents than before the war on terrorism began.

In the book wrong transformation, the famous writer Ji’an Jintai said that the counter insurgency work itself is full of problems and has rarely achieved success, and the use of UAVs in war has greatly reduced the threshold of resorting to violence.

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