On December 14, 2021, Dalian United General Assembly holdings, a leading distributor of semiconductor components committed to the Asia Pacific market, announced that its Shiping launched a vehicle keyless entry and start system solution based on NXP s32k144, njj29c2, ncf29a1 and nck2912 chips.

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Figure 1 – display board of peps keyless entry and start system scheme of General Assembly Shiping based on NXP products

With the iteration of various technologies, automotive applications are innovating at an unimaginable speed. Among them, the research and development of vehicle keyless entry and start system (peps) has not only brought convenience and comfort to car owners, but also further improved the safety of vehicles. The system consists of a controller, a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and a receiver. When the key is within the effective range, the owner pulls the door or presses the one key start switch, the corresponding module will send a terminal signal to wake up the main controller and start the whole communication process. The door can be opened or the engine can be started without using a key.

The car keyless entry and start system scheme based on NXP s32k144 master MCU, njj29c2 low-frequency driver, ncf29a1 chip and nck2912 UHF receiver of the United Nations General Assembly Shiping can provide customers with excellent car experience.

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Figure 2 – block diagram of peps keyless entry and start system scheme based on NXP products

The main control chip s32k144 of this scheme is an automotive general MCU launched by NXP based on arm cortex-m4f core. The product has DSP instruction set and single precision floating point processing unit (FPU), the highest frequency can run to 112mhz, has extremely high computing function, and can provide computing power equivalent to 150MHz PowerPC e200z4 core. In addition, s32k144 can provide rich peripheral interfaces and functional scalability.

In terms of low-frequency drive, njj29c2 adopted in this scheme is a base station chip suitable for keyless entry / start (PKE / PKG). It has 5-9 lf drives built in and has very high start-up ability. It also supports wake-up input (wup) function related to battery voltage. These functions are used to connect the door handle interface to the LF base station to ensure a short delay between the door handle and LF transmission.

In addition, ncf29a1 chip is embedded in the smart key end in this scheme. The chip adopts hvqvn32 package and combines the keyless system (PKE), remote control RF transmitter and anti-theft locking system. It can realize a new key shape and external size in smart phones and smart watches, so as to support the improvement of automobile access control system through mobile devices. In addition, nck2912 high-frequency receiver is adopted in the scheme, which can ensure the real-time communication.

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Figure 3 – scenario application diagram of peps keyless entry and start system scheme based on NXP products

With the use of these high-performance devices, this scheme can realize the functions of vehicle key ID storage, keyless entry (PKE), keyless start (PKG), vehicle anti-theft (immo), and remote control (RKE).

Core technology advantages:

  • Integrated dual immo function, supporting up to 9 lf antennas;
  • It can transmit encrypted high-frequency signal, and the maximum lf driving current is 2.5A;
  • Ncf29a1 has superior LF (low frequency) sensitivity and low power consumption up to UA level;
  • It can locate the key through RSSI and comply with ht-3 encryption protocol;
  • Support RF frequency hopping communication.

Scheme specification:

  • Realize the complete immo / PKE / PKG / RKE function of the base station, and display the status on the display;
  • Realize the display of RSSI value;
  • Antenna diagnosis and impedance test, and display the results, supporting SWD interface;
  • The PKE communication distance between the key and the base station can be 3-4m;
  • The communication distance between the key and the base station RKE can be more than 20m.

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