On September 1, 2021, the leading distributor of semiconductor components committed to the Asia Pacific market, Dagang holdings, announced that its Shiping launched a digital car key solution based on NXP ncj29d5.

Figure 1 – display board of digital car key solution based on NXP products

With the advent of the automotive era, wireless access technology has entered the public’s vision. Although the traditional electronic car key using PKE / RKE technology has brought great convenience to the use of cars, it also has hidden dangers such as being vulnerable to relay attack and inaccurate Bluetooth positioning of mobile phones. The digital car key solution launched by the United Nations General Assembly Shiping based on NXP ncj29d5 embeds UWB centimeter positioning technology, which not only has higher positioning accuracy, but also supports mobile phone operation, keyless entry, one key start and other functions.

Figure 2 – block diagram of digital car key solution based on NXP products

This scheme is mainly divided into five parts: key end, body anchor point, in vehicle anchor point, base station Bluetooth and BCM. Among them, the key end is composed of ble kw38 + UWB ncj29d5. Ncj29d5 is the first product of the new generation ultra wideband (UWB) IC Series launched by NXP, which is designed to meet the connection and functional security needs of the global automotive industry. UWB IC enables the vehicle to accurately identify the user’s position, and the positioning error is accurate to the centimeter level. This can provide the same convenience for smart phone based car access technology as the first-class remote key. Users can open and start the car with their mobile phone in their pocket or bag, and enjoy safe remote parking service through their smartphone. In addition, the new UWB IC can also minimize the risk of vehicle theft through relay attack.

In terms of performance, ncj29d5 complies with IEEE 802.15.4 HRP UWB PHY standard, can operate in the high frequency band from 6.5 GHz to 8.0 GHz (AES-128 and AES-256), and has excellent anti-interference ability. In the design, the device adopts arm ® Cortex-m33 32-bit processor, based on ARM ® AHB Lite bus matrix and dual master ns-dma design can realize fast data transmission. Moreover, ncj29d5 also has ultra-low power consumption, hard power down state up to Na level, and built-in configurable current limiter, which can be used for button battery powered applications.

Figure 3 – scenario application diagram of automobile digital key solution based on NXP products

Core technology advantages:

  • UWB is a carrier free signal, which uses nanosecond narrow pulses to transmit data, with a bandwidth of 500MHz;
  • Accurate positioning, centimeter level positioning can be realized;
  • Low system complexity and low power spectral density of transmitted signal;
  • Frequency range: 3.1ghz ~ 10.6GHz, which can coexist with Wi Fi / Bluetooth and other signals;
  • It is insensitive to channel fading and has strong multipath resolution.

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