According to a new study of European aviation by protolabs, Britain will take the lead in introducing commercial UAVs on a large scale. The study also shows that more than half of people expect UAV delivery to be common by 2023.

Al UK has introduced commercial UAVs on a large scale, and it is expected that UAV delivery will become a common practice by 2023

It is generally believed that covid-19 has promoted the development of UAV express industry, and the test of this technology has accelerated the delivery of food and drugs in rural areas.

The horizon shift report of protolabs involves 325 aerospace enterprise leaders from all over Europe. The report points out that people are increasingly interested in “low altitude” innovation and have invested more money in the rapid orbit test of robots and UAVs.

Covid19 has brought great damage to the global economy, among which the aviation industry has been the hardest hit, explained Bjoern Klaas, vice president and managing director of protolabs Europe.

However, the crisis can act as a catalyst for further innovation, forcing organizations to seek alternative ways to survive in an era of rapid change. ” Our report shows that in the aerospace field, the “low altitude” field is showing the flexibility of its innovative methods, and people are really willing to see it play a role in the UK. In fact, the UK National Space Agency (UKSA), which is responsible for the UK civil space program, has just announced a new plan to fund space technology to strengthen the UK National Health Service (NHS) against coronavirus. UAV technology can help meet the challenges of infectious disease outbreak management, such as transporting test bags, masks, robes and goggles.

He continued: “the delivery of commercial UAVs is the most likely interference factor and has been strengthened in our research, which was carried out when the covid-19 pandemic began to be controlled. In just a few weeks, the demand for this technology increased by 11% to 53%.

According to the progress of legislation and technology, the last mile product delivery through UAV can cover up to 30% of citizens in Europe, which is feasible. In addition, nearly one third of people believe that urban travel will become a feasible mode of transportation in the next three years.

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