When natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, debris flow, ice and snow occur, the disaster area is often faced with a large area of communication, power and road interruption. Ordinary emergency communication means are often unable to recover quickly, which brings a lot of inconvenience to disaster relief operations. “How to speed up the restoration of communication in the case of” three interruptions “has become a common problem to be solved by local governments and the industry.

The UAV is equipped with China mobile wireless communication base station to complete the first emergency communication test

Recently, China’s first all composite multi-purpose UAV – “pterosaur” I general platform successfully completed the first series of tests equipped with wireless communication base station equipment in the “UAV emergency communication support drill”. “Through the emergency communication test drill of large fixed wing UAV, it has been confirmed that it has met the practical requirements of emergency communication support after carrying ‘air base station’.” Liu Changjie, technical director of netlink UAV of China Mobile (Chengdu) Industry Research Institute, said.

In order to speed up the recovery of emergency communication support capability under emergencies, China Mobile (Chengdu) Industry Research Institute has been exploring in technical research and application practice in recent two years. On June 17, China Mobile (Chengdu) Industry Research Institute, together with Chengdu Institute of aviation industry and AVIC (Chengdu) UAV company, carried out an emergency communication test drill of large fixed wing UAV in air, space and space across provinces and regions in Northwest China.

“In this exercise, a large fixed wing UAV is equipped with China mobile wireless communication base station. Through China mobile emergency communication coverage model algorithm, 4G / 5G communication innovation technology and satellite transmission, it can provide an all-weather emergency communication support scheme.” Liu Changjie introduced that the fixed wing UAV in this test exercise can completely get rid of the constraints of ground power supply and communication return, Quickly get through the communication between the command center and the designated area to reduce the loss of life and property of the people in the disaster area.

It is understood that the large fixed wing UAV has the advantages of long endurance, long flight distance and low flight cost. It can greatly improve the emergency response efficiency and coverage of rescue and disaster relief, and provide strong emergency communication support for rescue and disaster relief communication command. In the future, it will play an important role in accelerating the restoration of communication support in sudden disaster areas.

For the promotion and application of the air space integrated emergency communication support scheme and how to give full play to its maximum function, Liu Changjie introduced that there are many ways of disaster emergency rescue, such as ground communication vehicles, automobile portable satellite stations, etc. It is a very important means to solve the emergency communication guarantee by integrating the air space integrated emergency communication guarantee scheme with the existing emergency management system scheme, so as to form a joint force and cooperate in operation.

“No single means can perfectly solve all problems. We must organically combine all emergency management means and cooperate in order to give full play to the greatest role in emergency rescue,” Liu Changjie said.

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