Now city people like to publicize their personality. Some people are more active. When we dress up, we show our own unique personality. For people like this, we all jokingly say, “this person is really coquettish.”

For the author of this character is not publicized people, is a typical “sultry”. I prefer to show myself in some casual places. When I get together with friends, I take out a co branded headset and put it in front of me. If it doesn’t make a sound, it will make a great success.

The TWS Bluetooth headset has outstanding evaluation, and its personalized design is easy to remember

Recently, the well-known peripheral brand Ti Du and Mucun sanshe jointly launched the “Tiangong” series of earphones. Drawing lessons from the classic IP, they launched two types of earphones: “Qitian Dasheng” and “Nezha coming”. It is an excellent and suitable product for those who do not like publicity and want to show themselves unintentionally.

A few days ago, we got two kinds of earphones. This time, we will experience this kind of earphone.

Nowadays, guochaofeng has become a new trend. The two versions of Qitian Dasheng and Nezha, launched by Ti Ti Ti Tiangong TWS Bluetooth headset, are combined with the animation elements that young people like nowadays. The surface of Dasheng is made of frosted plastic, while Nezha is made of painted plastic, which meets the pursuit and preferences of different people.

In addition, the design of the product is also quite innovative. The turntable structure of the charging bin is unique and creative. The rotating shaft is smooth and flexible, and it has a good feel when it rotates.

Unexpectedly, in addition to a USB type-C interface for charging, the charging bin is also equipped with a USB interface, which has the power output function, that is to say, it can be used as a charging bora. In addition to providing the headset with a maximum power life of 100 hours, it can also charge the mobile phone.

The TWS Bluetooth headset of Tidu Tiangong uses the scheme of real wireless headset. The weight of the headset is 4.5g, which is very light. It has no sense of weight when worn on the ear. After a long time of power distribution, it can’t even feel that there is a headset hanging on the ear.

The magnetic suction design is used between the earphone compartment and the earphone, and the suction is appropriate, so it is convenient to take out the earphone.

Built in the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it only takes one second to take out the headset from the box, and it can automatically complete the pairing and connection. There will be voice prompt in the whole pairing and connection process, so you don’t need to open the mobile phone to check the Bluetooth connection status. After the completion of pairing, the connection is relatively stable, and the author has not broken the connection in the past few days.

It’s worth mentioning that this earphone charging bin has built-in 3000mAh battery and supports wireless charging, which is very unique among all earphones.

In order to make it comfortable for different users to wear, this headset comes with three different sizes of earplugs. The shark fin also increases the firmness of wearing the headset, which will not fall off easily. In addition, it is also equipped with a USB type-C charging cable for charging the headset compartment.

user’s experience

One of the things that I appreciate about the TWS Bluetooth headset is the simplification of the touch command of the headset. One of the common faults of the real wireless headset on the market is that the touch command is a little complicated. This headset has been simplified a lot.

There are five common commands: music play / pause, previous song, next song, call and activate voice assistant. Basic is the most common touch and long press two kinds of action command, even beginners can quickly start.

The only need to strengthen the accuracy of the touch, the author in the use of touch operation when the situation will not work. This needs to be strengthened.

The sound quality part is equipped with 8mm sound unit, which retains the most original sound texture, 32 Ω Impedance can bring out more powerful sound.

The music of the test is Minami Noka’s “bubble”. Titanium Titian TWS Bluetooth headset will give the voice and electric guitar the passion to show off. At the same time, the bass diving is very sufficient, the whole song has no mixed feelings, and the vocal, musical instruments and electric sound are very clear. The whole sound quality is very eye-catching.

For the TWS Bluetooth headset, the outstanding and personalized design makes it easy to remember. With the cover illustration of guochaofeng, it’s easy to “suck powder” to modern young people in the sense. Creativity is the feature of this earphone, whether it is the turntable design of the earphone compartment or the power output function, all reflect the practical concept.

In terms of sound quality, the 8mm sound unit pays attention to the details of sound performance, long endurance and simplified touch function can give a good experience. At present, the price of this headset in tmall flagship store is 599 yuan, and the preferential price during the double 12 promotion period is 329 yuan. It has a good price advantage in today’s real wireless headset Red Sea. It is a recommended choice whether to show yourself or simply listen to music.

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