The Israeli start-up company sight diagnostics has developed a unique diagnostic technology, which is greatly improved in malaria detection compared with artificial microscope detection. Parasight platform of sight diagnostic ™ The adopted image processing and advanced algorithms (patent pending) can identify, enumerate and describe suspected malaria blood samples faster than human technicians, and the detection methods are more stable and consistent.

Sight diagnostics has selected the stepping motor expert tridynamic motor control as the main supplier of its parasight platform. The parasight platform is a coffee machine sized automated diagnostic system that can hold 30 individual blood samples per tray and detect each sample using a digital imaging lens.

The current parasight platform design uses four stepper motors:

Two of the stepper motors are responsible for moving the sample slides within the predetermined x/y search grid, so as to comprehensively analyze the tested blood samples.

The third stepper motor is responsible for controlling the z-axis image focusing mechanism.

The fourth stepper motor is responsible for managing the conveyor belt used to transport the multi sample tray.

As a start-up, sight diagnostics has limited resources, so it chose the non customized tmcm6110 stepper motor module provided by Trinamic for the parasight platform. The tmcm6110 circuit board is small in size and low in power consumption. It integrates the tmc429 stepper motor control IC of Trinamic and the tmc260 stepper motor driver for controlling each axis separately. It is very suitable for systems with 3 to 6 motor axes. These kits are pre configured to meet NEMA 17 stepper motor performance requirements. The onboard ARM microcontroller is responsible for coordinating the operation of each motor and handling the communication with the host processor through RS-485, can or USB interfaces.

Tmcm-6110 can provide precise control. The motion granularity of each whole step is 256 microsteps, which can meet the requirements of the parasight platform. By using TMC’s intuitive, high-level development tools, sight diagnostics can quickly implement and optimize its motion control applications, while focusing its strategic design on enhancing the performance of its unique IP, including advanced imaging technologies and algorithms.

The drive module also meets the stringent requirements of sight diagnostic for reliability, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. The parasight platform needs to work in a tropical environment with an ambient temperature of up to 37 ° C. It also needs to be robust to maintain reliable operation in suburban areas away from maintenance facilities and maintenance technicians.

Yossi Pollak, CEO of sight diagnostics, said:“

When selecting a motion control vendor for the parasight platform, we wanted to achieve two main goals. Since we can only invest very limited time and engineering manpower in this non core aspect of the product, we need to use a very intuitive motion control module that can help simplify the design. Moreover, to implement our motion control algorithm, the components we need should not only have cost advantages, but also be able to maintain stable operation in harsh environments, while providing the reliability required by medical applications.

”The parasight platform is currently undergoing a large number of field tests and clinical trials. The test accuracy is over 99%, and the speed is as high as 50 times that of trained operators. Sight diagnostics is currently working on developing more diagnostic tools.

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