When it comes to SCM, many people are familiar with it. The electronic products on the streets are used. In recent years, with the development of embedded system, a group of people who do single-chip microcomputer suddenly feel a catastrophe. They generally find that their familiar single-chip microcomputer is gradually surpassed by embedded system. So what is embedded system, what is the difference between it and single-chip microcomputer, and how to complete the smooth transformation.

The transformation between single chip microcomputer and embedded system

In a strict sense, single-chip microcomputer is a subset of embedded system. Embedded system is actually the upgrade of single-chip microcomputer system with additional functions. The most common single-chip microcomputer only needs a while cycle to operate and implement in it. It has been upgraded to the operating system level at the embedded level. Many people have doubts about it, Why is embedded always linked with Linux? In fact, the embedded systems are basically based on Linux. In fact, there are a small number of embedded operating systems, such as the early wince system (Microsoft’s embedded framework). With the upgrade of the system, embedded devices can now play with multi process framework, which is unimaginable compared with before.

What’s the difference between small MCU and embedded system?

1. The embedded system has been upgraded in all aspects of hardware configuration. Now all the mobile phones we use are embedded, and they are basically at the level of micro-computer, which can’t be compared with single-chip microcomputer. In fact, the substantial improvement of hardware configuration has also brought great difficulty to the maintenance workers. A few days ago, there was a problem with the inverter refrigerator that we just bought at home. When the door-to-door master saw the style, he shook his head, and it was inverter, and then asked a lot of problems, First of all, I made a phone call to the after-sales department to ask about it. Then I said that you had brought a bunch of appliances with you. The master said that there are piles of boards in the refrigerator now. What’s the matter with intelligent power saving? If it’s broken, you can either brush the equipment again or change the boards. Our maintenance tools and appliances are becoming more and more useless.

The progress of science and technology, the full development of embedded will bring a different feeling to people’s life. In fact, the hardware upgrade of MCU is the same as the development of driver and the setting of register.

2. Embedded in the software system level, much richer than the single-chip microcomputer, the typical single-chip microcomputer program MP3, is also popular for several years, quickly replaced by mobile phone products. This is not a simple few buttons or a small single-chip display can be compared, especially the emergence of Android system, really pull the development of embedded, so that the streets do chip companies, if the above can not run Android seems unable to talk to customers.

Due to the popularity of Android system, it brings a big difference to developers. In the past, the application of embedded system is not C / C + +, but now Java comes up, because the embedded device running a Java virtual machine is not a problem at all. So now C / C + + employment is not as hot as Java is a very important reason. From the software level, it is not only a simple register configuration, but also involves the multi process, multi thread, memory and disk management in the operating system, which need to be strengthened.

Embedded system can be divided into three directions: first, system development: focusing on the construction of development environment, kernel principle, cross compiling, etc; Second, embedded Linux Application Development: focus on Linux application programming, kernel compilation, system call; Third, the development of the underlying driver: focus on the driver development under the embedded Linux system, in-depth analysis of the kernel.

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