Recently, the announcement and trailer of half life VR (half life: alyx) pushed VR into the spotlight of mainstream games. At present, the trailer of half life: alyx has received more than 10 million hits on youtube and twitter within 24 hours after its release.

Although some VR videos have received tens of millions of hits on YouTube (such as the video of game anchor pewdiepie experiencing beat saber), the success of this kind of game video is mainly due to the entertainment style of the anchor, and the video has not stimulated the discussion of mainstream players and experts.

In contrast, the trailer of half life VR (half life: alyx) released on YouTube video received nearly 60000 comments. Posts on reddit have also accumulated thousands of additional comments. The scope of discussion is not limited to announcements and trailers, including several columns and information decomposition released by valve last Thursday. Of course, this is expected. “Half life” series is almost legendary and obviously has attracted enough attention. Even the media that are not interested in VR feel that it must be reported.

Denny Unger, founder of cloudhead games, said that valve’s half life VR makes the mainstream game field no longer ignore the existence of VR. Cloudhead games is one of the most experienced developers in the VR field. It has produced excellent works such as pistol whip and the gallery. In addition, the studio has an amazing close relationship with valve (rarely involved in external cooperation); Cloudhead is one of the few developers who chose valve’s earliest VR development kit (the ultimate achievement of HTC vive). It is also one of the developers of aperture hand lab, demonstrating the unique manual control technology of index controller.

Unger said in an interview with uploadvr: “so far, mainstream game media have deliberately ignored VR games because they usually don’t bring click through rates.” “However, with half life: alyx, you can no longer ignore the role of VR in the game field. At the same time, tablet game players can no longer ignore VR games. They will be forced to realize what changes have taken place in technology. VR games are much better than they think, and VR is not just a peripheral device, it is their own medium.”

In 2016, the first consumer VR head display was launched, which caused a great sensation, but the hype far exceeded the actual application. Since then, although the hardware and software of VR have been significantly improved, Unger said that VR must dispel the negative impression brought when it was first launched.

“Of course, the problem here is that we are still struggling with the old public understanding of this technology over the years. You will still hear the old topic ‘why VR is not ready’, but in fact, the industry has solved many problems, such as hardware friction and how we interact with VR.”

Unger has been working closely with valve for many years. He believes that half life VR will show the real face of VR to the world in 2020 and even prove the ability of other AAA studios.

Half life VR will break many wrong assumptions and debates that have prevented VR from becoming the mainstream in recent years. This will also force the entire AAA industry to divert attention. It is undeniable that the outstanding VR experience and outstanding hardware will prove their value to the whole media, “Unger said.” I personally hope that half life VR can finally make the general public and the whole game ecosystem accept VR. Now you can choose to try a new media, and VR is ready for the golden age. “

For Unger’s enthusiasm, many mainstream players think VR is not ready. The term “gimmick” is particularly common among objections. However, so far, the overall tone of public opinion seems to be more inclined to bring excitement and curiosity in the VR era than pessimism.


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