According to Taiwan media, at the time of intense 5g spectrum competition, Taiwan operator Taiwan star announced a strategic investment of NT $3.42 billion, highlighting the company’s determination to fight the 5g market.

It is worth noting that the star of Taiwan was founded in the early 4G era. The first time it competed for spectrum, it met the bidding of 4G spectrum; 5g spectrum bidding, which exceeded the bidding of 4G, has reached NT $127 billion, bringing heavy financial pressure to this small operator.

The total bidding amount of 5g spectrum in Taiwan has exceeded NT $127 billion

Taiwan star introduced a $4 billion cash capital increase and a $5.1 billion joint credit facility last year. Through the issuance of private convertible bonds and private ordinary shares, the company obtained NT $3.42 billion.

Taiwan star said that in the future, it will plan to increase the capital of diversified financing tools in accordance with the actual capital demand, showing the determination of 5g layout.

At present, Taiwan’s 5g spectrum bidding has reached 240 rounds, with a total amount of more than NT $127 billion, and the price per unit (10MHz) of 3.5GHz band is NT $4663 million. If Taiwan star wants to take 40m spectrum, it has to pay NT $18.652 billion. This capital increase comes in time and can play a certain role in helping.  

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