Yesterday (15), alto electronic announced that the total amount of funds to be raised from the non-public issuance of a shares would not exceed 290 million yuan, and invested in the construction of mini led, smart light pole system, smart network intelligent integration capability improvement and other projects.

According to the announcement, the number of A-shares to be issued by Alto electronics in non-public shall not exceed 20% of the total share capital of 620127084 shares of the listed company before the issuance, namely 124025416 shares (including the number of shares). The plan of non-public issuance of A shares still needs to be deliberated and approved by the general meeting of shareholders of the company and approved by the CSRC.

The total amount of funds to be raised in this non-public offering of Alto electronics is not more than 290 million yuan, which is used to invest in the construction of “intelligent integration capacity improvement project of intelligent outlets”, “mini LED intelligent manufacturing base construction project”, “intelligent lamp pole system research and development project” and “supplementary working capital”.

The total amount of funds raised by Alto electronics is no more than 290 million yuan, which will be invested in multiple projects

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Alto electronics said that the mini led business is on the way, becoming the next high-speed growth point in the field of LED display applications is the general trend. Mini LED display is an upgrade product with small spacing, and its packaging technology has become mature.

The main body of the mini LED intelligent manufacturing base construction project is Huizhou Aotuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, which is located in Dayawan West District, Huizhou City. The company plans to purchase high-efficiency, high-precision and high-performance production equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad to produce Mini LED display products through the decoration of production plants. The production capacity of the new production line will reach 5000 square meters / year. During the operation period of the project, it is expected that the annual average operating revenue will be 239104600 yuan and the annual average net profit will be 21483100 yuan.

At present, the mini LED display products with pixel spacing of 0.9mm produced by the company have been successfully applied to Nanjing Public Security Bureau and have been supplied to customers in Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands and other countries. According to ledinsede, the company recently revealed that it has launched a mini LED display product with an ultra-small dot spacing of 0.78mm, and will soon launch a LED display product with a smaller spacing.

Alto electronics believes that the construction of smart cities is rising rapidly, and national policies are emerging frequently, so it is necessary to vigorously support and promote smart light poles. 5g commercial will also give birth to a hundred billion level smart light pole market.

The main body of the R & D project of smart light pole system is Shenzhen Alto Electronics Co., Ltd. and the implementation location is Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The project will attract professional R & D talents through site reconstruction, purchase R & D equipment and software such as 3M method anechoic chamber, charging pile tester, image colorimeter, EMI conduction test system, EMI simulation software, finite element analysis software, optical analysis software, build product test simulation environment and other means, and start the hardware design and automatic management control system of intelligent lamp pole system Research and development on the optimization of development and application functions.

In addition, alto electronic said that the rise of the Internet and the progress of science and technology forced banks to carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading of their physical outlets, and the era of smart banks has come. At the same time, the transformation and upgrading of intelligent scenes are gradually launched in other fields outside the banking industry, such as telecommunications, securities industry, government affairs, etc.

The main body of the project is Nanjing Aotuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aotuo electronics, and the implementation location is Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. The project will expand the existing R & D center and production site in Nanjing through the new factory building, improve the R & D strength of the company’s intelligent financial technology products by introducing high-end R & D equipment such as image quality analyzer, high-precision power analyzer, 136 channel logic analyzer, 8GHz digital fluorescence oscilloscope, etc.; purchase high-speed machine, universal machine, automatic lock manipulator, assemble automatic manipulator And other advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment to enhance the integrated manufacturing capacity of the company’s intelligent financial technology products. The construction of this project will provide R & D support and intelligent manufacturing support for the further expansion of the company’s financial technology business. During the operation period of the project, it is estimated that the operating revenue will be 237.5 million yuan and the net profit will be 32058600 yuan.

Alto electronics said that the implementation of this fund-raising project is an important measure taken by the company to comply with the industry development trend and in combination with its own strategic development needs, in line with the company’s development strategy of building an intelligent video integrator of “integrated control software system + intelligent video hardware system + professional services”, and the planning purpose of deepening business layout, optimizing product structure and improving technical advantages. This issuance will not have a significant impact on the company’s main business structure. The company’s main business is still LED application and the R & D, production and sales of financial technology products. (organized by ledinside Janice)

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