During the fight against the epidemic, wearing masks and taking body temperature have become “two major events” that people must do in and out of public places. Manual temperature measurement not only requires manpower, but also increases the safety risk caused by personnel contact.

Recently, this problem has ushered in a breakthrough in technology. Gaoxinxing group, headquartered in Guangzhou, has independently developed an upgraded 5g police patrol robot, which can quickly measure body temperature within 5 meters of infrared ray and identify whether passing personnel wear masks.

“Please wear masks and pay attention to personal hygiene. Don’t go to crowded places. If you feel unwell, please see a doctor in time…” in recent days, a patrol robot independently developed by gaoxinxing group kept shouting back and forth in Wanda Square in Nansha, Guangzhou to remind citizens to pay attention to personal safety at all times.

It is reported that the “patrol robot for thousands of patrols” independently developed by gaoxinxing group is the first patrol robot in China to measure body temperature. It can measure the body temperature of 10 people at one time with an error of less than 0.5 ℃.

“Where people move, the robot can quickly record. When the temperature exceeds the set value or pedestrians are found not wearing masks, the robot immediately starts the alarm system.” Berlin, general manager of gaoxinxing robot company under gaoxinxing group, said that the robot “on duty” effectively saves manpower and helps to avoid personnel cross infection.

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