Generally, the wires used in the family need to pass through the wire tube. When the line is long or needs a corner, it will need a connector. The junction box is used as this transition. The wires in the wire tube are connected in the junction box, which can protect and connect the wires. There will be damage if it is used. Not every family has an electrician who is familiar with the work of electrician. Therefore, once there is a problem, many families will choose to replace it directly. Now they pay attention to environmental protection and reuse. In fact, you think the broken junction box can also be repaired by yourself

If only the cavity of the cassette screw is damaged, you can try these two methods:

1. Fix the panel again with 502 adhesive screw holes

2. Punch two holes on the edge of the fixing point of the cassette with an electric hammer, then smash into the hair wood column with appropriate height (the end is bound with fine iron wire), and then use the lengthened self tapping screw to fix the panel on the wood column.

If there is no electricity

1. Electricity itself is still dangerous, so we must be careful when repairing the cassette. If there is no mark on the distribution box, all air switches must be disconnected.

2. Place a screwdriver or flat object (such as scissors, blades, etc.) in the gap of the socket panel, rotate it clockwise slightly, and the panel can be removed.

3. After removal, we will find that there are two screws fixed at both ends. Use a screwdriver to rotate counterclockwise to disassemble the socket.

4. After disassembly, you can see two incoming wires (three in the standard connection method, the red wire is the live wire, the blue wire is the zero wire, the yellow and green wire is the grounding wire, and the grounding can not be connected) and several short wires. Pull each wire to see if it is burnt out, damaged or loose.

5. If it is loose or burnt out, it needs to be reconnected. Find out the loose wire, cut off the exposed part of the copper wire with scissors, and then peel off the insulation layer 1cm from the back.

6. At this time, loosen the screw hole for the outgoing line just now, put the stripped thread end into the air, and tighten the screw clockwise. Remember to fix it firmly here.

7. Finally, install it in the reverse order of the removal just now, and then power it to the air switch. The power transmission sequence is to push it up from left to right, and try to see if there is power.

If the above method still fails to be repaired, it may be necessary to replace it with a new one.

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