With the accelerating pace of people’s life, the weekend has become a rare leisure time. Whether we can fully relax on weekends largely determines people’s happiness. At this time, if you have to clean up, it will be very disappointing. Therefore, in recent years, sweeping robots have gradually become standard among young office workers. In China, especially in stone technology, the user group of sweeping robot is the largest. Recently, stone technology officially announced a new sweeping robot – stone sweeping robot T7 on its microblog, which will be officially released on March 23.

The stone sweeping robot T7 will be officially released on March 23

Stone sweeping robot

Generally speaking, a reliable sweeping robot needs strong cleaning ability and intelligent and reliable indoor pathfinding system. In addition, its endurance, sweeping mode and even intelligence are also very important.

The stone sweeping robot T7 will be officially released on March 23

Stone sweeping robot T7 official publicity

Combined with official information and information reported by the media, as the annual flagship new product among stone sweeping robots, the stone sweeping robot T7 launched this time has a new RR Mason 7.0 algorithm to achieve less route repetition and improve efficiency. During cross room and recharge, RR Mason 7.0 will load more obstacle information and intelligently select the optimal path. It also adopts a new constant pressure electric control water tank, with a peristaltic pump scheme with high precision, low noise and not easy to block. The product keeps the mop at proper humidity during the mop process by spraying water accurately. In addition, the suction will also be upgraded!

However, since the product has not been officially released, the specific parameters are unknown. For the price, you can refer to T6. Its selling price is 2799 yuan. It is estimated that it should not exceed 3000 yuan this time.

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