On June 21, the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, State Grid Corporation of China, held the theme day of “entering the State Grid · official partners helping Beijing green winter Olympics” in Beijing Shougang Winter Olympics park.

The activity consists of four parts:

✦ press conference

✦ visit the power supply service center of Beijing Shougang Winter Olympics park and interview the power experts of “double Olympics”

✦ visit the construction site of Winter Olympic venues and Beijing Shougang Winter Olympic Park

✦ visit Beijing Winter Olympics 220 kV Substation

Relevant experts and representatives, including the special department of the planning and Construction Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, the Liaison Office of the Beijing major project office, the United Nations Global Compact China network, the global network of stakeholders of the international standard of social responsibility, the engineering construction Department of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and 18 news media reporters attended the event.

The State Grid is actively promoting power grid construction to provide high-quality and reliable power supply services for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

1 press conference:

Measures and achievements of State Grid in serving the Winter Olympics~

On the morning of June 21, the State Grid Corporation of China held a press conference at the power supply service center of Shougang Winter Olympic Park.

State Grid actively fulfills the responsibilities and obligations of official partners to help Beijing green winter Olympics

State Grid Corporation of China has thoroughly implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing”, which is a significant symbolic activity of important historical nodes in China. It is the directive spirit of displaying the national image, promoting national development and inspiring national spirit. It adheres to the idea of “green, shared, open and honest” and fully supports the development of national sports. Fully cooperate with the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, actively fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of official partners, accelerate the construction of “three types and two networks” world-class energy Internet enterprises, and make contributions to holding a “wonderful, extraordinary and excellent” Winter Olympic event.

Build an internationally leading strong smart grid to provide the highest quality and most reliable power supply service guarantee for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

1. Fully promote the construction of power grid, and the Olympic related projects are progressing smoothly

As the official partner of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the power grid construction project of State Grid mainly involves 25 110 kV and above Winter Olympic Games supporting power grid projects in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, 10 kV supporting power grid projects in venues, and Zhangbei flexible DC power grid test demonstration project.

At present, the power grid projects related to the Winter Olympics have entered the stage of comprehensive construction. The Zhangbei flexible DC power grid test demonstration project has completed 80% of the overall work volume, 25 supporting power grid projects of 110 kV and above have been started, and the implementation of 10 kV supporting power grid projects has been accelerated according to the progress of venue construction, It can ensure the high and reliable power demand of venues in each competition area of the Winter Olympic Games in 2020 and 2022. ▲ construction site of Zhangbei converter station of Zhangbei flexible direct project

2. Comprehensively optimize the power grid structure and lead the world in power supply reliability

Focusing on improving the power supply capacity of the Winter Olympic Games area, build a strong smart grid with high standards, and the comprehensive power supply reliability of each competition area has reached the international leading level. Beijing and Yanqing competition areas will realize the power supply pattern of “500 kV dual power supply, 220 kV multi-directional ring network and 110 kV dual direction chain structure”, and the 10 kV distribution network of venues will form a dual ring network or cable dedicated line direct supply structure that can operate in a closed loop. Zhangjiakou competition area will adopt the power supply structure of “double ring network + liaison ring network unit” to ensure the four-way power supply of important venues and media centers.

3. Vigorously promote technological innovation and greatly improve the guarantee capacity

Implement “intelligent operation inspection” to realize intelligent control of equipment status, intelligent management of patrol tasks, intelligent dispatching of emergency repair and intelligent command of on-site support, real-time monitoring of equipment defects, automatic fault isolation and active emergency repair. Relying on the technology of “Internet plus power grid construction”, through the application of Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet, real-time collection and interactive management of data on project progress, safety quality, personnel environment and other data can be realized, so as to improve the overall management level of engineering construction.

II. Create a new energy supply system

Help Beijing Winter Olympics achieve the goal of green, clean and low carbon

1. Beirouzhi project paves a large platform for optimal allocation of energy

The pilot demonstration project of Zhangbei flexible DC power grid will be fully completed and put into operation in the first half of 2020. At that time, it will deliver about 22.5 billion kwh of clean energy to Beijing every year, equivalent to saving 7.8 million tons of standard coal and reducing 20.4 million tons of carbon dioxide, so as to serve the national action plan for air pollution prevention and control and fight for the blue sky, Provide strong support for achieving 100% clean energy power supply for Winter Olympic venues.

2 green power trading helps to achieve the low-carbon goal of the Winter Olympics

The State Grid actively connected with the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, jointly agreed on matters related to the participation of Winter Olympic venues in green power trading, organized power generation enterprises such as China Huadian Group and Beijing Energy Group to sign green power trading intention agreements with Winter Olympic venues, and realized 100% green power supply of all venues for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, becoming a new highlight of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

On June 20, Beijing Electric Power Trading Center organized the green power direct trading of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics venues from July to December 2019 for the first time, with a turnover of 50 million kwh. The first batch of seven Winter Olympic venues and supporting service facilities will officially use green electricity on July 1, which is expected to reduce the combustion of 16000 tons of standard coal and 40000 tons of carbon dioxide.

III. create a demonstration model of “three types and two networks”

Join hands with Beijing Winter Olympics to show China’s determination and achievements in energy transformation and development

1. New Shougang Park actively explores the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things

In the new Shougang Park, build strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of things demonstration projects, and build two platforms of distribution operation command and comprehensive energy service respectively. Among them, a power distribution operation command platform is built on the power grid side to remotely monitor the operation data of power equipment, the security situation of distribution station room and the state of operation environment by providing intelligent inspection robots and a variety of intelligent sensors, so as to realize the unmanned inspection of switching station and the refined management of power equipment and improve the response speed. Build a comprehensive energy service platform on the customer side to realize the intelligent monitoring of the Winter Olympic venues from the customer distribution room to the low-voltage switch at the end of the venues, provide emergency support in time and improve the reliability of customer power supply; At the same time, through the analysis of customers’ energy consumption data, we will provide customers with comprehensive energy services such as energy-saving diagnosis and energy efficiency analysis, so as to realize low-carbon and green energy consumption of customers in the park and save customers’ energy consumption cost.

2. Comprehensive demonstration of ubiquitous power Internet of things in Chongli Olympic core area

In the core area of Chongli Olympic Games, build a comprehensive demonstration of ubiquitous power Internet of things and a panoramic holographic intelligent command platform. Based on the ubiquitous power Internet of things, the whole business unified data center, the integrated state grid cloud and the company’s relevant business systems, it can meet the business needs of Winter Olympic support emergency command, production operation and maintenance, dispatching transaction and customer service, support business collaboration, data sharing and value mining, and achieve “one collection and everywhere use” of data, Realize real-time perception, dynamic controllability, intelligent analysis and early warning, multi-level collaborative command and mobile intelligent interaction of the Winter Olympic guarantee panorama, support the “green winter Olympic” intelligent command and panoramic display, and provide typical experience for the promotion of the full-service ubiquitous power Internet of things.

3. Carry out the construction of “three types and two networks” demonstration area in an all-round way

The first demonstration project of energy storage power station for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be built in Yanqing, Beijing. The design capacity of the energy storage power station for the Winter Olympic Games is 14 MW / 14 MWh, which is equivalent to the power consumption of 2800 families in Beijing for one day, providing emergency power support for the Winter Olympic venues. New technologies such as “big cloud moving intelligence” are adopted to layout the energy intelligent measurement and control terminal, create a holographic data information network, and realize the three-dimensional collection of energy information in Winter Olympic venues. We will implement the comprehensive energy supply mode of “cold, heat, electricity and storage” in Olympic venues, carry out research on the allocation scheme of electric heating membrane, air source heat pump, energy storage and other facilities, and realize the energy supply mode of “multi energy complementarity, wisdom and efficiency” in Winter Olympic venues. Build a comprehensive control platform for all elements of “source, network, load and storage” in the competition area of the Winter Olympic Games, monitor the energy conversion, energy flow and venue energy consumption in the competition area in real time, and realize real-time perception analysis, dynamic optimization and control and multi-dimensional panoramic display of energy system energy consumption.

“Double Austria” power experts:

Return to the “battlefield” of Olympic power supply support at the age of 52

At the power supply service center of Shougang Winter Olympic Park, Ding Jianwu, a power expert of “double Olympics”, made a wonderful speech and was interviewed by reporters.

Ding Jianwu, 52, is an old power man with more than 30 years of service. Now he is a senior engineer in the power supply guarantee department of Beijing Power Winter Olympics Office of State Grid, mainly responsible for the technical preparation and power supply guarantee of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

11 years ago, Ding Jianwu participated in the power construction and guarantee of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, State Grid Beijing electric power made a solemn commitment of “foolproof” political power protection for the first time.

At an on-site meeting with foreign equipment sponsors, the other party smiled: which Olympic Games in history had no problems with power facilities? All the Chinese power personnel present answered with one voice: “there will be no problem with the power supply guarantee of the Beijing Olympic Games!”

In 2008, they did.

Returning to the “battlefield” of power supply support for the Olympic Games, higher support standards, heavy tasks and infallible mission and responsibility are on our shoulders. Ding Jianwu said that he wanted to fight again and shine again for his beloved power industry.

Ding Jianwu loves sports and often pays attention to major sports events. However, in addition to the competition picture, he focuses more on the point setting of the on-site camera, the layout of power lines, the dress of the field support personnel, etc. he hopes that these details can provide reference for the future Olympic security work.

His colleagues joked and called him “double Austrian”. He said that what supported him all the way was an Olympic feeling.

Walking into the Winter Olympic base camp

As the first park power supply service organization serving large parks in Beijing, Shougang Winter Olympic Park power supply service center actively creates a modern service system of “strong front-end and big back-end”. The center actively handles the whole business from installation consulting to power generation and operation on behalf of customers, realizes “zero errands” for high and low voltage customers in the park, and provides “housekeeper” services from planning and design to operation and maintenance for Olympic customers in Shougang park.

The level of intelligent power equipment of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee is very high. For the intelligent power well cover outside the Winter Olympic switching station, when the well cover is opened, an alarm message will be sent through the intelligent well cover system to inform the operators to deal with it in time, so as to prevent personal injury caused by the loss of the well cover and the potential risk of the power grid. In the future, the power well cover will cover the whole park to ensure the safety of power cables in the park.

The State Grid carried out intelligent transformation of the Winter Olympic switching station and the distribution room of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, and carried out intelligent patrol inspection relying on the patrol inspection robot to comprehensively improve the patrol inspection accuracy; Install intelligent low-voltage switch modules in the low-voltage distribution boxes in the conference center and exhibition hall of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, monitor the operating conditions of customers’ end switches in real time, and alarm end faults in time; Distributed energy storage equipment is deployed in the conference center and exhibition hall to reduce the peak and fill the valley as daily energy storage, so as to save customers’ power cost. Important activities are used as UPS to provide uninterruptible power supply.

Through the all-round intelligent power supply guarantee for the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee from intelligent substation – intelligent well cover – intelligent switching station – intelligent distribution room – terminal low-voltage intelligent switch + distributed energy storage, we can further ensure the safe and reliable power supply for the important loads of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.

4 Winter Olympic 220 kV substation: information acquisition, measurement, control, protection, monitoring and other functions are completed automatically

Shougang North District is the location of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, ski jumping platform and winter training center of the State Administration of sports. In 2016, State Grid Beijing electric power company established a strategic partnership with Shougang Group Co., Ltd. and successively signed the cooperation agreement on the planning and construction of smart grid in the high-end industrial comprehensive service area of new Shougang and the supplementary agreement in 2016 and 2017. It is agreed that the State Grid Corporation of China will fully receive Shougang power grid before June 30 this year, To meet the power supply demand for the first test match of the Winter Olympic Games at the end of the year.

Winter Olympic 220 kV substation is an indoor intelligent substation, integrating standardized design, modular construction and assembly installation. It covers a total area of 7667 square meters, about the size of 18 standard basketball courts. The advantage of indoor intelligent substation is that the floor area is small, which is basically half that of conventional substation.

The project was started on June 26, 2018 and put into operation on June 16, 2019. In this phase, 2 sets of 180 MVA transformers, 6 circuits of 220 kV incoming and outgoing lines, 8 circuits of 110 kV incoming and outgoing lines and 30 circuits of 10 kV feeders are installed. This is the first substation to be put into operation in Shijingshan competition area of the Winter Olympic Games. At present, work related to the power generation start-up of the supporting 110kV transmission project is being carried out in the power station.

The whole substation adopts advanced, reliable, integrated, low-carbon and environment-friendly intelligent equipment, which has the characteristics of digitization of information, networking of communication platform and standardization of information sharing. It can realize the basic functions of automatic information acquisition, measurement, control, protection, measurement and monitoring, and can realize remote control operation according to the demand. There are 2 on duty personnel on site, It can complete the management of nearly 8000 square meters of station area.

Dongao substation is the largest and most complex power grid construction project in Shijingshan area, which has three important meanings:

After the project is put into operation, it will be used as the superior power supply to ensure the safe and reliable power supply for the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.

2 the project is the most critical node for the stable access of Shougang power grid to the public network. After being put into operation, the original power load of Shougang power grid will be connected to the station one after another.

The project is an important power hub of Beijing Western power grid, which is of great significance to improve the reliability of regional power supply and improve the grid structure.

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