Generally, the network cable will not break, but everything is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case it is broken by the wind or bitten by rats, so how to deal with the network cable?

Now I’m going to teach my friends how to do it. You can use this kind of straight head to plug it in directly, and the broken wire can press on the crystal head. This straight head has some disadvantages. After a long time, the straight head may oxidize, and it is easy to be unstable after a long time, so this method is not recommended.

The solution of network cable fracture

You can strip the connector directly at the breakpoint and connect it according to the same color. Use the connector, and then press the connector tightly to prevent oxidation. This method is medium good.

The third method is to connect the wire according to the color, then weld it with a soldering iron to prevent oxidation, and then cover it with a heat shrinkable tube. This method is the best, no less than the original state.

After connecting, we plug the network cable into the computer, and then test it.

1. Window key + R. In the running window, enter CMD, and then enter it. In the DOS window, enter Ping – t (superior route IP). Then according to the Ping time to determine whether their network cable is connected.

2. Buy a network tester, plug it in and test it.

So our crystal head will be connected, boys, will you? It’s that simple.

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