Recently, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau’s high reliability intelligent low-carbon microgrid project was put into trial operation in Nansha. It is the only new energy microgrid demonstration project selected by China Southern Power Grid. It can ensure that power users can automatically leave the large power grid in case of failure of the large power grid and immediately access the microgrid that can supply power for one week in less than 0.05 seconds, Realize uninterrupted power supply to power users.

“Energy storage” is actually the “big battery” of the microgrid, and the photovoltaic power station in the base charges this “big battery”. It is understood that under the normal power supply of the large power grid, the photovoltaic power station in the base will also generate power at the same time. One part will be incorporated into the large power grid, and the other part will be used to charge the microgrid and ensure sufficient energy storage of the microgrid. In this way, the smart microgrid with photovoltaic power generation as the main energy realizes low-carbon clean energy power supply.

It is reported that the project uses the retired electric vehicle power battery for cascade utilization as the energy storage equipment of the smart microgrid to improve the resource utilization efficiency and reduce the possible environmental pollution caused by the retired battery.

The smart microgrid project of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau was put into trial operation in Nansha

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