On April 9th, at the China Electric Power Exhibition held in Shenzhen, the development of the domestic operating system, Tongxin Software, ushered in two major milestones: 1. In 2020, the installed capacity of the Tongxin UOS system exceeded 1 million sets, which has won more than 1 million in the competitive market. 70% market share; 2. On April 9, Tongxin operating system V20 won the Innovation Award of China Electronic Information Expo for its excellent product design, leading technical strength and excellent market performance.

As the core of a smart device, the operating system has always been the most serious area of ​​monopoly by established foreign companies. For a long time, Microsoft, Apple and Google have monopolized more than 95% of the domestic operating system. With the continuous rise of my country’s technology companies, the United States has become more aggressive in the use of key technologies such as chips and operating systems in my country, which has brought great hidden dangers to my country’s information security. It is very urgent to develop an independent and controllable operating system. Tongxin Software, established in November 2019, is a software company with a domestic mainstream operating system as its mission.

Picture: Wang Yaohua, Deputy General Manager of Tongxin Software Product Center

Wang Yaohua, deputy general manager of Tongxin Software Product Center, told reporters that although Tongxin Software has just been established for more than a year, its UOS operating system was developed earlier in China, and it is also the only product that ranks among the top ten global open source systems. What is the development history of Tongxin UOS operating system? What is the layout of its main product lines? As a later domestic operating system, what is the difference between UOS operating system and Linux? What are the successful experiences of UOS operating system in industry applications? How is the ecological construction of this operating system? Wang Yaohua, deputy general manager of Tongxin Software Product Center, brought us a wonderful interpretation.

Past and present life of UOS

Tongxin Software was established in November 2019. It is a software company with the mission of developing domestic mainstream operating systems. Although Tongxin Software has been established for more than a year, it has more than 10 years of deep cultivation in the field of operating systems. Looking back at the predecessor of Tongxin Software – Wuhan Shenzhidu Technology Co., Ltd., the founder of the company led a team to focus on the development of a Linux-based self-developed operating system. From 2004 to 2010, the organization that had been operating as a community, then called Hiweed Linux, was actually later transformed into Deepin Linux. In 2011, Wuhan Shenzhidu Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, and began to work full-time as an operating system.

Figure: Tongfang computer equipped with Tongxin UOS operating system

“UOS operating system, this system is based on the deep development and optimization of the operating system Deepin, which was developed earlier in my country and is the only open source system in China that ranks in the top ten in the world and currently the highest ranking operating system from China. At present, the release of six versions of Tongxin UOS Community Edition, Industry Edition, Personal Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Euler Edition has been completed, and the function development has also changed from the original professional office system to the one that can adapt to the present. Various needs of all walks of life.” Wang Yaohua briefly described the development status of the UOS operating system.

In 2020, Tongxin UOS domestic operating system began to enter the market. In order to continuously optimize the experience of Tongxin UOS system, Tongxin’s R&D team has completed more than 30,000 debuggings. By the end of 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of Tongxin UOS system has exceeded 1 million.

It is reported that Tongxin software operating system has three major product lines: desktop operating system, including self-developed desktop environment, dozens of self-owned applications, and many native application software from application manufacturers and open source communities; notebooks and desktops that support full CPU architecture The server operating system is a user-oriented business platform that provides standardized services, as well as virtualization, cloud computing and other application scenarios support, supports mainstream commercial and open source databases, middleware products, and supports various cloud platform products. It has excellent reliability, high availability, and good maintainability; special equipment operating system, this system strengthens the customization ability on the basis of the previous two systems, and carries out system tailoring and personalized customization for special equipment application scenarios ; With reliable stability and excellent performance, it can meet application scenarios such as financial self-service equipment and network security equipment.

The three major features of Tongxin operating system V20 are favored

At present, many operating system versions are quickly eliminated under the long market test, while a few manufacturers have gained brand recognition and formed a certain scale of customer groups by virtue of solid technical accumulation and continuous improvement of product design, and industry resources have gradually converged to excellent The industry structure of enterprises and operating systems has changed from fragmentation to integration.

“Tongxin UOS is not built from scratch, but is based on the Linux kernel, which integrates the technical strength of many domestic operating systems, CPUs and some application manufacturers. Core, Shenwei, Haiguang, the six mainstream domestic processor brands, as well as corresponding notebooks, desktops, servers, etc.” said Wang Yaohua, deputy general manager of Tongxin Software Product Center.

“The UOS operating system originated from Linux, but Linux is only a kernel and cannot solve specific problems such as upper-layer hardware system management and interface adaptation. The UOS operating system is structurally different from a Linux distribution. The focus of our consideration is the operating system ecology and Innovation in business model. In September 2020, when we launched the V20 version of the Tongxin desktop operating system, Tongxin Software proposed six unifications. The focus is to support multiple platforms in one set of codes.” Wang Yaohua pointed out the difference between the two .

The V20 version has three major features: First, the system supports dual-kernel mechanism, supports Kernel 5.4 (LTS) and Kernel 5.7 (Stable) and Safe Graphics mode. Second, the system security is fully optimized to fix the BootHole vulnerability, to prevent the device from being attacked by malicious UEFI boot programs recently, and to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. The third is a better app store. It is worth mentioning that DeepinWine has been upgraded to deepinwine5, and some Wine applications have been upgraded to achieve the experience of native applications. Common popular applications such as QQ and WeChat can be used perfectly.

DDE is a desktop environment independently developed by Tongxin. Like GNOME, KDE, XFCE and other international mainstream desktop environments, it is very popular at home and abroad, and has been ported to mainstream Linux distributions including Archlinux, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedoras, Manja, etc. . The latest version of DDE is designed for a new generation of devices, realizing the integration of all scenarios, and it is also the first desktop environment to introduce intelligent assistants on the Linux desktop.

DTK is a development kit independently developed by Tongxin. It includes a complete set of UI graphics library with beautiful and practical interface. It has the advantages of unified experience, efficiency priority, and ecological openness. From the perspective of developers, DTK integrates modern development concepts, provides rich development interfaces and support tools, and has rich control expressions to meet the development needs of daily graphics applications, business applications, and system customization applications.

At present, Tongxin’s business strategy is to attract users for free, and then charge a small fee in the form of selling value-added services. This business strategy can attract a group of enthusiasts for free, and can also charge a certain fee to users who need value-added services to obtain a certain income, which is the most reasonable choice at present.

Wang Yaohua said that the Tongxin UOS application store supports more than 1,000 applications, such as QQ, WeChat and other commonly used mainstream applications can be well supported, and more than 800 types of peripherals such as printers/scanners are compatible. There are more than 50 brands of personal complete machines, and more than 50 mainstream network cards are compatible, which basically meets the daily use needs of individual users.

Tongxin UOS operating system vigorously expands industry application ecological construction and comprehensively promotes

At present, the main products and core technologies of Xinchuang industry have made great strides from “basically available” to “easy to use and easy to use”. Not long ago, the “2021 China Xinchuang Industry Development White Paper” issued by the Chinese Institute of Electronics mentioned that the country will incorporate the Xinchuang industry into the national strategy and propose a “2+8” development system. In the future, the Xinchuang industry will enter a golden period of development. It is preliminarily estimated that the market size of China’s Xinchuang industry will exceed 365 billion yuan in 2023, and the market capacity will exceed one trillion yuan. The white paper further pointed out that industry application is the driving force for the development of Xinchuang industry, and it is also an important starting point for achieving breakthroughs in core technologies and enabling traditional industry strategic goals. Tongxin has also gradually achieved breakthroughs in the industry application market.

“In more than 100 ministries and commissions across the country, more than 80 have already adopted the UOS operating system, including the Central Office, the State Office, the National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Ministry of Education and other ministries and commissions. We have just begun to develop applications in the financial field. Tongxin has cooperated with more than 50 financial institutions including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, etc. In the financial field, more than 75% of its customers exclusively use the desktop operating system of Tongxin.” Wang Yaohua talked about the vertical industry application of Tongxin software. Progress.

Regarding the replacement of windows by domestic operating systems, Wang Yaohua believes that there are two major problems to be solved at the customer level: first, whether the user experience can be matched; second, whether the adaptability is supported. Wang Yaohua believes that these two obstacles cause certain obstacles to replacement. Tongxin UOS operating system vigorously carries out adaptability work to deal with this problem. In addition, the stability and security of the system are also the focus of special industry customers. “In 2021, Tongxin UOS system will strengthen the adaptation and ecological adaptation with vertical industry applications. We will also increase product innovation, add more modern technologies, and continue to lead the domestic operating system forward.” Wang Yaohua said .

In 2020, Tongxin Software will have more than 2,000 employees, with R&D personnel accounting for more than 60%. With the rise of domestic substitution, Tongxin continues to expand the development space, from the initial party and government, to the fields of electricity, education, energy, and finance, to effectively expand customers.

In Wang Yaohua’s view, the development strategy of Tongxin Software will achieve three steps: first, to replace foreign operating systems in the field of government and enterprises; second, to polish the Tongxin UOS system better and innovatively through the industry market and consumer market Integrate it into the application; 3. In the next 3-5 years, Tongxin Software can polish the operating system to the level of foreign operating systems, and gradually replace foreign operating systems on a larger scale.

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