At present, more than 26 billion interconnected devices have been put into use, and more devices are connected to the Internet of things all the time. It is expected that the number of interconnected devices will nearly triple by 2025.

This year, the global expenditure on Internet of things technology will reach US $745 billion and US $1.2 trillion in 2022. Semiconductor companies are betting heavily on the Internet of things because of concerns about revenue growth. In our survey, respondents listed the Internet of things (including connected housing, smart city, industrial Internet of things and personal wearable devices) as the most important application to promote the revenue growth of the semiconductor industry in the next fiscal year, followed by wireless communication (ranked first last year).

The semiconductor industry is optimistic that 5g will be launched worldwide

Semiconductor companies, especially small semiconductor companies, expect that there will be a lot of opportunities in the field of sensors / MEMS in the future, because these ubiquitous commercialized technologies do not require large-scale or leading production plants. 72% of respondents and nearly 80% of small companies listed it as the fastest growing field in the semiconductor industry in 2019.

Over the years, a major driving force of the wireless communication market has been the unprecedented growth of smartphone users. Today, as the penetration rate of end users of mobile devices approaches the peak, the growth space of wireless communication market is smaller. However, wireless communication is still a healthy market and the second important field to promote the growth of the semiconductor industry. Respondents expect that wireless communication will account for 30% of the company’s revenue in the next fiscal year, accounting for the highest proportion in all application fields.

The semiconductor industry is optimistic that 5g will be launched worldwide. Although the sensor / micromotor system is seriously affected by the equipment market, the respondents still regard it as the fastest-growing field in the semiconductor industry due to its importance in Internet of things products, and it is expected that the current revenue will double with the advent of 5g era.

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