This year, the sales performance of VR products in the holiday season is excellent, and even the delivery time of some equipment is delayed to February next year.

Facebook issued a statement that the new order of oculus quest pre ordered on the official website of the United States will not be received until February next year, and other online stores have been sold out. Recently, Amazon dealers tripled the price of this head display.

At the same time, valve said that the index head display will not be ordered until February next year, and can only be purchased on steam’s official website. The index modular system costs $1000 as a kit and needs to be equipped with a high-end personal computer. The delivery date is close to the release time of VR game half life: alyx in March next year.

Oculus quest is Facebook’s integrated VR head display, equipped with a pair of oculus touch controllers, which can accurately and intuitively control hot VR games such as beat saber, pistol whip and super hot. Although quest has achieved wireless control, Facebook has recently added a new wired mode of “oculus link” to the system, which can be connected to the computer supporting VR through USB 3 data cable, greatly expanding the game library and supporting top VR games, such as skyrim, no man’s sky VR, and even half life: alyx, which will be launched in 2020.

Index is the latest PC system independently launched by valve company. Previously, valve company had long-term cooperation with HTC and launched the first breakthrough headshow vive in 2016. Vive is the first product to provide consumers with a hand controller, allowing users to move freely in the room when experiencing VR.

At present, the index head display still needs to be wired to the PC (although valve has begun to explore wireless control). Its optical design improves the visual comfort of the head display, which can reach the experimental speed of 90 frames per second, 120 frames per second or even 144 frames per second, while quest can only reach 72 frames at most.

The full set of index components also includes valve’s new controller, which can be tied directly to the palm and finger joints. This goes beyond all current VR controllers, such as vive’s wand, windows’s Mr controller and Quest’s oculus touch. Valve also developed a controller for half life: alyx. Although the game claims that all PC VR systems equipped with gesture tracking gloves are compatible, some interactive functions can only be realized through the index controller.


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