In the first two months, TSMC’s 7Nm process had a tight production capacity, which led to the delivery cycle extended to six months. For a while, many people were worried about the shortage of AMD’s 7Nm sharp dragon processor. At that time, 12 core sharp dragon 93900x processor was hard to find, so the price increase had to be snapped up.

For the problem of 7Nm capacity, AMD’s official statement is the same, denying that 7Nm supply has the problem of insufficient capacity from the beginning to the end. Recently Forrest norrod, AMD’s vice president, data center and general manager of embedded business, denied that 7Nm is out of stock again, saying that TSMC has no problem with AMD’s 7Nm supply, and the outside world does not need to worry about the problem of out of stock.

The Ruilong 9 3900 X processor is no longer out of stock, but it is 300 yuan more expensive than the price at the time of release

If you have seen the price of the Ruilong 9 3900 X processor in recent days, you should notice that this processor does not need to be snapped up, but can be purchased from stock, which really reflects that the 7 nm processor of AMD is not out of stock, at least the supply of the Ruilong 9 3900 x has improved.

However, the bad news is that the price of the Reebok 93900x is now fixed at 4299 yuan, 300 yuan higher than the suggested price of 3999 yuan at the time of release.

However, with the launch of the 16 core Reebok 9 3950x, it is estimated that the target of the players with fever will also be transferred from the Reebok 9 3900x to the Reebok 9 3950x.

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