It is reported that the prices of many memory and storage products have begun to rise, up to 29% from the beginning of the year to now. It seems that the rise in memory and storage prices in 2020 is the general trend.

The rising trend of memory and storage prices will remain unchanged in 2020

The following are some products that have increased compared with the lowest price in December 2019:

1. The average price of vengeance LPX black ddr4-3000mhz 16GB memory of American pirate ships increased by 17%; The ddr4-3200mhz 16GB memory increased by 11%.

2. Zhiqi aegis ddr4-3000mhz 16GB memory price increased by 22%.

3. SSD also did not escape the price rise. The average price of Kingston a2000 nvme SSD increased by 29%.

4. The prices of Toshiba RC500 500GB and Intel 660p 2TB also increased by 17%.

5. The MP600 of American pirate ships rose 9%.

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