Smart home and smart watch become the most popular products of American carriers

The rise of smart home devices and smart watches have become the most popular products of American operators

Due to the rapid development of broadband speed, mobile technology and hardware, interconnected and “monitoring” devices are playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives. However, according to global data, a market research firm, the types of connectivity devices provided by us operators have changed dramatically in the past three years, largely due to the continuous integration around the Internet of things (IOT).

Anisha Bhatia, senior device analyst at GlobalData, said that due to changes in the pattern of wearable devices and the popularity of Apple’s smart watches, leading Internet device categories (such as fitness trackers) in U.S. carriers’ channels have been eliminated in 2017. Fitbit’s unique selling point (fitness tracking) has now become the basic function of most wearable devices.

The rise of smart home devices

In 2017, the smart home category was not prominent in the online product portfolio of US carriers. The emergence of various product categories supporting Amazon and Google AI voice assistant, Alexa and Google assistant, has promoted the birth of a series of Internet smart home devices, and various Internet of things smart devices are more and more popular with users. As of February 2020, in terms of networking devices provided by operators, smart home has become the most popular product category after smart watch.

With the maturity of the smart home market, wireless operators in the United States have also reduced the number of connected devices they sell and eliminated a number of less practical products. According to the global data’s Internet device tracking survey data, in March 2017, four major operators provided a total of 200 kinds of Internet devices. By February 2020, the number will be reduced to 130, with Verizon providing the most connected devices among all operators.

According to GlobalData, smart home networking devices enable us operators to find different sources of incremental service revenue from smart phones and related wireless services, and these devices with the Internet of things as the core will continue to enhance with the development of 5g network and artificial intelligence functions.

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