The latest research of strategy analytics shows that by 2021, the revenue of high-end smartphones will account for 80% of all smartphone revenue in Western Europe, which will reach a record level. With the popularity of 5g and a new wave of growth of moderately priced high-end mobile phones such as Apple’s iPhone e, the scale of high-end smartphone segment will reach an all-time high next year.

The revenue of high-end smart phones in the Western European market is expected to grow to 77% by 2020

Boris Metodiev, deputy director of strategy analytics, said: “we estimate that high-end smartphone models will account for 73% of the wholesale revenue of all smartphones in Western Europe in 2019. It is expected to increase to 77% by 2020 and reach a record 80% by 2021. High end models completely dominate the smartphone revenue pattern of the whole Western Europe.”

Sui qian, director of strategy analytics, added: “today’s high-end smartphone market in Western Europe is being driven by three major trends. First, there is a surge in demand for more affordable 5g smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy a90. Second, such as Apple iPhone e (2020) The supply of affordable high-end 4G models is growing. Third, a large number of Chinese brands such as vivo and Xiaomi are competing for the lucrative European high-end smartphone market. “

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