In February this year, iplytics, an international well-known patent data company, released the report “the leader of 5g patent competition”. The report published the number of necessary patent declaration families of 5g standard disclosed by major institutions to ETSI.

The report covers 22 enterprises. Among them, Huawei ranked first with 15.39% of applications, Qualcomm ranked second with 11.24%, and ZTE ranked third with 9.81%.

Among Chinese enterprises, oppo ranked ninth with 3.47%, and Datang Mobile ranked tenth with 3.44%.

Among the equipment manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE, Ericsson and Nokia are in the top 10. Nokia ranked fifth with 9.01% and Ericsson ranked seventh with 4.35%.

In addition, Xiaomi ranked 13th with 2.77%, vivo ranked 15th with 2.23%, and Lenovo ranked 17th with 0.9%.

Apple ranked 11th with 3.21% and MediaTek ranked 21st with 0.70%.

The report on the number of necessary patents for 5g standard was released, and Huawei ranked first with 15.39% of the applications

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