At the Huawei Changxiang 10plus press conference held in the afternoon of September 5, Huawei children’s watch series 3 officially appeared, with two products: Huawei children’s watch 3S and Huawei children’s watch 3x.

Huawei children’s watch 3S, with gradient design and porous silicone strap, is breathable and skin friendly, reaching IP68 waterproof.

Huawei children’s watch 3x is as cool as a magic gem. It adopts a rebound support strap, which is smooth and comfortable, and achieves IP67 waterproof performance.

Huawei children’s watch 3 series has a preset 15 + dial and supports custom dial. Huawei AI multiple AI positioning algorithm is adopted, which is more accurate and can be positioned indoors and outdoors. It also supports 4G all Netcom, three major domestic operators and unimpeded travel in 200 + countries and regions around the world..

The release price of Huawei children's watch 3 series starts from 688 yuan

Equipped with intelligent voice assistant, it is known as a talking encyclopedia, which can provide encyclopedia Q & A, puzzle word Solitaire, etc.

It also has applications such as pocket story, 100 word chop, scallop words, Xinhua Dictionary and so on. It is a little assistant for children’s wrist learning.

Huawei children’s watch 3x is also equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, which supports voice photography, real-time video sharing, cloud album function, AI object recognition and helps children explore the world.

In terms of price, Huawei children’s watch 3S is priced at 688 yuan, pre-sale on September 17 and on September 25; Huawei children’s watch 3x, priced at 1088 yuan, will be pre sold on October 18 and officially launched on October 25.

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