Now every household is using the refrigerator. The use value of the refrigerator is very large. It can keep food fresh. In summer, it can freeze cold drinks and ice cream. It’s very good. Therefore, no family can live without the refrigerator. When using the refrigerator, you may also encounter some problems. For example, if the compressor of the refrigerator does not work, what is the reason? Let’s look at the reason why the compressor of the refrigerator does not work and how to eliminate the circuit fault of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator compressor does not work mainly for the following reasons

Why does the refrigerator compressor not work

The reason why the refrigerator compressor does not work may be caused by the low ambient temperature or the starter failure.

1. The ambient temperature is too low. When the ambient temperature is too low (1 ~ 10 ℃), if the refrigerator is manually compensated, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the compressor oil becomes thicker and the lubrication performance becomes worse; At the same time, the condensation pressure becomes low, and the refrigerant will not flow into the evaporator. If the refrigerator is continued to be used, the compressor will be damaged.

2. PTC starter failure. Another reason why the refrigerator compressor does not work is that the PTC starter is faulty. Use the ohm gear of the multimeter to measure whether the resistance at both ends of the operation Jack and the start jack of the PTC starter is normal. If it is infinite or 0, the PTC starter is damaged.

3. In case of overload protector failure, an ammeter can be used to check whether the compressor starts and operates normally. If the current is normal and the overload protector acts, the overload protector fails, which will also lead to the failure of the refrigerator compressor.

4. Compressor internal failure. If the refrigerator compressor does not work, if the accessories of the test compressor are normal and the compressor still cannot be started, it may be an internal fault of the compressor.

How to troubleshoot the refrigerator circuit

1. If the refrigerator does not operate after being powered on, you can check whether the fuse is broken, whether the power plug is plugged in, whether the contact of the temperature controller is closed, and whether the electric heating wire is burned out. Simple problems can be solved by yourself. If it is an internal fault of the compressor, you can ask a professional technician for maintenance.

2. If there is abnormal noise after the refrigerator is powered on and can not work normally, the contact can be polished with fine sandpaper, and then powered on for test.

3. When the self opening and self stopping function of the refrigerator is out of control, it is mostly the fault of the temperature controller. At this time, the contact can also be polished smooth with fine sandpaper.

4. If there is leakage in the refrigerator, check various parts of the circuit system one by one to find out the leakage part.

5. If the insulation performance decreases, all insulators must be replaced.

6. If it is caused by damp, remove the motor and put it into the drying oven for drying.

That’s all for Xiaobian’s explanation of why the refrigerator compressor doesn’t work and how to eliminate the circuit fault of the refrigerator. The refrigerator is a necessity of our daily life, so we should understand this knowledge before use, so we can avoid these faults in use. Even if they occur, we can easily solve them.

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