In 2022, the most popular mobile phone in the mobile phone circle may not be a certain mobile phone, but the MediaTek flagship chip Dimensity 9000. At the same time, the Dimensity 8100 has also attracted much attention since its release. Now MediaTek's two popular chips are on stage together. At the Redmi K50 conference, the Redmi K50 Pro equipped with the Dimensity 9000 and the Redmi K50 with the world's first Dimensity 8100 were officially released. Let's take a look at the highlights of these two phones.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Dimensity 8100 form the Dimensity team, bringing "ruthless" powerful performance and excellent energy efficiency to Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50, with Samsung 2K direct screen, OIS optical image stabilization camera, VC liquid High-end configurations such as a cold three-dimensional cooling system bring flagship experience in all-round use scenarios such as games, display, audio and video, and shooting.

Redmi officially releases K50 Pro and K50 Redmi

The Redmi K50 Pro is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 flagship chip, which is the first to adopt TSMC's 4nm process and Armv9 architecture. The octa-core architecture CPU consists of 1 X2 super core, 3 A710 large cores and 4 A510 energy-efficient cores, of which the super core and large core frequency are up to 3.05GHz and 2.85GHz, and the built-in 14MB large-capacity cache combination. With the Arm Mali-G710 flagship ten-core GPU, the AnTuTu running score is as high as 1.04 million. According to the Redmi real machine test, the Redmi K50 Pro equipped with Dimensity 9000 can run close to full frame in the mobile game "Genshin Impact", and the maximum temperature of the whole machine is only 46 ℃, which shows its strong performance and energy efficiency.

The Redmi K50 is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 light flagship chip, using TSMC's 5nm process, and the octa-core CPU architecture consists of four 2.85GHz Cortex-A78 cores and four Cortex-A55 energy efficiency cores. The high-performance CPU paired with the six-core Arm Mali-G610 enables the Dimensity 8100 to also have excellent performance and energy efficiency, with an AnTuTu running score of 850,000.

Redmi K50 debuts Dimensity 8100 in the world, with a running score of 850,000

In terms of display, both Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50 are equipped with a 6.67-inch Samsung flexible 2K AMOLED straight screen with a resolution of 3200×1440, PPI up to 526, support for 120Hz refresh rate, support for 16,000 automatic brightness levels, ambient color temperature sensing, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. It is worth mentioning that this screen has reached the DisplayMate A+ rating, setting 16 screen records.

In addition, the Redmi K50 Pro is also equipped with a 100-megapixel OIS optical image stabilization camera, while the Redmi K50 is equipped with a 48-megapixel OIS optical image stabilization camera, which can fully meet users' daily photo needs. In terms of battery and fast charging, the Redmi K50 Pro uses a 5000mAh and 120W fairy second charge, which can be charged to 100% in 19 minutes; the Redmi K50 has a built-in 5500mAh large-capacity battery and a 67W fairy second charge. Combined with the MediaTek global energy efficiency optimization technology adopted by both the Dimensity 9000 and the Dimensity 8100, it can cover different IP modules in an all-round way, optimize the power consumption of the whole scene, realize less use, faster charging, and more storage, allowing users to completely get rid of the anxiety of mobile phone battery life .

With the excellent performance of the Dimensity 8100 on the K50, Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, said at the press conference: "When MediaTek's product engineer introduced this chip (Dimensity 8100) to me, I was very excited after the introduction. I have a hunch that this chip will be successful and will become a hit in 2022. So I said that Redmi will launch it. So more than a year ago, we were optimistic about this chip.”

In terms of configuration related to game performance, the Redmi K50 series released this time is also very sufficient. In terms of memory and storage, both Redmi K50Pro and Redmi K50 use LPDDR5 memory + UFS3.1 flash memory; in terms of heat dissipation, both models have a built-in 3950mm2 large-area stainless steel VC heat dissipation panel, covering 72% of the motherboard area, with 7 layers of graphite three-dimensional The average temperature and the heat dissipation capacity are greatly improved, helping the Dimensity 9000 and the Dimensity 8100 to output calmly, especially when running games with high performance requirements such as "Genshin Impact", it can provide a smoother and more stable game screen.

In terms of network connection, both the Dimensity 9000 and the Dimensity 8100 integrate the advanced M80 5G baseband. At the same time, the Redmi K50 series also supports dual-SIM dual 5G standby, Bluetooth 5.3 and WiFi 6 networks, and supports WiFi Bluetooth low-interference technology, and links WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time with almost zero delay.

The Redmi K50 series adopts a double-sided glass body, with four colors: ink feather (black), silver trace (silver), magic mirror (blue), and serene light (green). The thickness of the whole machine is only 8.48mm. With a net weight of 201g, the appearance is not only cool and fashionable, but also very comfortable to hold. At present, Redmi K50 and Redmi K50 Pro have already started pre-sale, and they will be officially launched on March 22 through all channels.

The Redmi K50 series is available in four colors: ink feather (black), silver trace (silver), magic mirror (blue), and serene light (green).

The ultimate performance and energy efficiency of the Dimensity 9000 have been surprising, and the first show of the Dimensity 8100 has also left a deep impression on consumers. These two products will go on sale on March 22, and friends who like them can start pre-ordering. After all, such explosive products should start early.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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