Affected by COVID-19, the development of the 2020 largest economy has been hindered. But with the improvement of the epidemic situation and the promotion of policy support and market vitality, the night economy has been recovered from the frequency and consumption direction of the May 1 holiday. At the same time, major cities have begun to plan and layout the night economy area, create night tourism routes and landmark night tourism projects, create a differentiated night economy stage and build characteristic urban cultural scenes, which also greatly stimulate the rise of landscape lighting demand.

The recovery of night economy stimulates the rise of LED landscape lighting demand

At present, the “night economy” has gradually become an important indicator of urban vitality, and has also made great contributions to the economic recovery after the epidemic. At the same time, data from many places show that the more perfect the supporting facilities of night economy and the better the night environment, the better the overall consumption can be improved. Recently, local governments are increasing their investment in night economy. For example, Changsha is expected to invest 5 billion in night economy construction projects from 2020 to 2025; Dalian plans to invest 1.2 billion yuan to develop into n · Park Park, the first night cultural tourism destination characterized by night and integrated with culture and tourism

Throughout the planning of night tour landmark projects in major cities, they have the characteristics of large investment scale, long planning time, cultural tourism as the core, landscape lighting environment as an important means, and focus on creating the characteristics, differentiation and diversification of night economy. As an important part of landscape lighting, LED display products, screen enterprises must actively seize the market opportunities brought by this round of night economic recovery and strive to fight a beautiful turnaround in the second half of the year!

Recently, lyad signed a strategic cooperation with East China Construction Group. The two sides will give play to their influence and competitiveness in their respective fields of expertise, jointly improve the quality of lighting professional systems, and create more characteristic “architecture, humanities and landscape” industrial projects.

At present, “night economy” has become an important starting point for expanding consumption and boosting economic growth. The characterization and creativity of night landmarks not only highlight local characteristics, but also stimulate local characteristic consumption. Therefore, how to highlight the richness, differentiation and diversity of night landmarks has become the primary problem.

It is required that the lighting environment should not only be bright and beautiful, but also use light to highlight the cultural, historical and geographical characteristics of the city. Even night display projects should better integrate elements such as vision, animation, culture, mobile Internet, projection and lighting, and integrate advanced technology and beautiful creativity, Further meet the needs of value transmission of cultural content in different cities. This not only tests the creativity of led enterprises, but also the application level of various innovative technologies.

With the further recovery of the landscape lighting market, LED landscape lighting products are also driven to develop in a more professional, intelligent and personalized direction. At the same time, more and more led enterprises create a pleasant immersive night lighting environment through diversified LED display and visual effect technology, integrating lighting, projection, multimedia visual effect and other technologies. It is certain that the cultural tourism + night tour economic market has a very broad market space and will certainly bring vitality to the recovery of LED display industry in the second half of the year.

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