Ruilong 9 3950x is the absolute flagship of the third generation of Ruilong. It introduces 16 core 32 threads into the mainstream market for the first time. However, in September, when it was originally planned to go on sale, amd announced that it would postpone it to November, when it will appear together with the third generation thread Ripper.

Amd did not explain the reason for the ticket skipping of the Ruilong 9 3950x. It is speculated that there are two aspects: one is that TSMC’s 7Nm capacity is tight and can not meet the supply; the other is that the performance needs to be further adjusted.

The reason for the delay of exposure Ruilong 9 3950x is that it is not satisfied with the frequency and needs to adjust the design

According to the latest industry news, the reason for the delay of the Ruilong 9 3950x is that AMD is not very satisfied with its frequency and needs to adjust the design to provide better performance and experience.

Not long ago, it was found that the acceleration frequency of the third generation of raptors often failed to meet the official indicators. Amd also responded quickly and released a new version of BIOS to improve the automatic acceleration and maximum frequency of the third generation of raptors.

Although the Ruilong 9 3950x has up to 16 cores, the frequency setting is quite high. The default frequency is 3.5GHz, and the maximum acceleration is 4.7ghz, which is the highest in the whole three generations of Ruilong family (100MHz higher than the Ruilong 9 3900x). Obviously, it is not easy to coordinate acceleration, power consumption and heating for so many cores, and AMD also needs more time to polish.

On the other hand, Intel’s 10nm process only stays in the field of low-power notebooks, and the desktop still depends on 14nm. However, the new comet lake-s will not be released until next year, and there are only 10 cores at most. It also needs to change interfaces and motherboards.

Therefore, in the short term, amd can’t feel positive pressure and competition on the desktop. 16 core flagship such as Ruilong 9 3950x can have peace of mind, and there’s no need to rush to take it out.

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