As we all know, there is still a big gap between the current mobile phone market and the previous one. In addition to the obvious improvement in performance, there is also great progress in appearance. For example, a few years ago, most mobile phones adopted the old-fashioned design of retaining the upper and lower borders.

Now it has gradually developed into a full screen mobile phone, and major mobile phone brands have made a lot of efforts to create a mobile phone closer to the full screen design, and have played their own brain holes one after another, such as the popular hole digging screen, lifting structure, sliding structure, etc., which have effectively improved the screen proportion of mobile phones, The purpose is to enable users to have a better visual enjoyment when using these mobile phones to play games or watch videos.

In fact, in terms of appearance, in addition to the great improvement in the proportion of screens, there is another detail that is worth mentioning, that is, the charging socket of mobile phones. I believe everyone has noticed that most domestic mobile phones have been replaced with type-C ports. Xiaobian once had a problem in his mind, Even the trapezoidal interface before Ming Ming is very easy to use. Why is it gradually converted to type-C interface now? To solve this problem, Xiaobian also went to the Internet to search for some information and found that there is a reason behind this. Today, Xiaobian will share the answers he learned with you.

First of all, from the perspective of user convenience, we all know that the interfaces we used before are trapezoidal interfaces. This kind of interface is divided into front and back when charging, that is to say, we must distinguish the front and back before we can smoothly insert it into the interface. If we insert it directly into the mobile phone without distinguishing the front and back, it’s better to have less strength, It will not be greatly affected, but if you use too much force, it is likely to damage the charging port.

This type-C interface is an oval interface, that is, when we usually charge, we don’t need to distinguish between the front and back. Even with our eyes closed, we can insert the charging plug into the interface at the bottom of the mobile phone. Therefore, for most mobile phone users, type-C is more convenient to use at ordinary times.

The second point is the cost. Although the previous trapezoidal interface is not as convenient as the current type-C interface, the production cost of the type-C interface is a little lower. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon that most thousand yuan machines have gradually adopted this type-C interface, One is for the convenience of users mentioned just now, and the other is to better reduce the production cost. Therefore, generally speaking, no matter which mobile phone manufacturer is concerned, it will certainly adopt a lower price and more practical type-C interface.

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