In October last year, micron’s consumer grade brand, crucial, released its first mobile SSD, the X8.

It initially provides two capacity specifications of 500GB and 1TB, with a nominal continuous reading speed of 1050mb / s at a price of 499 yuan and 999 yuan respectively.

Now 2TB version has come out, the price has not been known, we fast technology has got this new SSD, let’s look at the picture.

The size of evoda X8 mobile SSD is only 110x53x11.5mm, and the volume is only the size of a 4-inch mobile phone.

The shell is made of anodized aluminum oxide monomer core, which not only looks exquisite, but also can effectively dissipate heat and achieve greater performance.

The evolta X8 provides a durable, robust and compact design performance. Through extreme temperature, vibration, vibration, and even 1.8 meter drop test, the driver can withstand harsh environment.

It uses 3dqlc flash memory particles, the reading speed is up to 1050mb / s, which is 1.8 times faster than the portable SSD mobile hard disk of the same price, and 7.5 times faster than the ordinary mobile hard disk.

The default is exFAT format, which can be changed to NTFS format and support trim. The system supports windows7 / 8.1/10, Linux, MacOS, ipados, chromebooks, Android, xboxone, PS4.

The product is guaranteed for three years with usb-a / usb-c cable.

The reading speed is up to 1050mb / s, and the Everbright X8 mobile SSD is equivalent to the size of a 4-inch mobile phone


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